Reports on Completed CalConnect Interoperability Test Events

September 26-27, 2006: Hosted by Apple Computer in conjunction with Roundtable VII.
Please refer to CalConnect Interoperability Test Report Sep 2006.

May 22-23 2006: Hosted by IBM/Lotus in conjunction with Roundtable VI.
Please refer to CalConnect Interoperability Test Report May 2006.

January 9-10 2006: Hosted by Novell, Inc. in conjunction with Roundtable V.
Please refer to January 2006 Interoperability Test Report.

September 13-14 2005: Hosted by the Open Source Applications Foundation in conjunction with Roundtable IV.
Please refer to September 2005 Interoperability Test Report

June 1-2 2005: Hosted by Duke University in conjunction with Roundtable III.
Please refer to June 2006 Interoperability Test Scenarios and June 2006 Interoperability Test Report.

January 11-12 2005: Hosted by the University of Washington in conjunction with Roundtable II.
Please refer to January 2005 Test Scenarios and January 2005 Interoperability Test Report

July 29-30 2004: Hosted by the University of California at Berkeley.
Please refer to July 2004 Rules and Test Scenarios, July 2004 Interoperability Test Report, and July 2004 Spreadsheet

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