Copyright and Licensing for Published Material

As of June 2019
CalConnect℠ is a service mark of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium, a California Nonprofit Corporation.
Documents published by CalConnect are © Copyright by CalConnect, all rights reserved. 
Except where otherwise noted, CalConnect℠ websites¹ are © Copyright by CalConnect.
Code artifacts such as schemas and examples are licensed via the Apache License, Version 2.0 (  Such code artifacts are published in Github¹ (
Style sheets, images, and the CalConnect℠ Service Mark which create the CalConnect brand are Copyright by CalConnect℠. and are not licensed for display or use other than by CalConnect or its members.
CalConnect standards and other documents published on our website are © Copyright by CalConnect.  As an international standards body, CalConnect standards are available for use without charge, subject to copyright restrictions.
Internal documents are © Copyright by CalConnect and are not licensed for public distribution.
¹CalConnect websites:
          Primary CalConnect website:
          CalConnect Calendaring Developers Guide:
          CalConnect GitHub:
          CalConnect Standards Repository and Registry:
          CalConnect additional Public Information: