LINK Property Proposal and Timezone Service and XML Specification Proposals Published

The EVENTPUB Technical Committee has published LINK Property Extension to iCalendar, and the proposal has been submitted to the IETF as an Internet Draft. Please see LINK Property Extension to iCalendar. This proposal introduces a new iCalendar property LINK to provide ancillary information for iCalendar components.

The TIMEZONE Technical Committee has published Timezone Service Protocol and Timezone XML Specification, and the proposals have been submitted to the IETF as Internet Drafts. Please see Timezone Service Protocol and Timezone XML Specification. The Timezone Service Protocol defines a timezone service protocol that allows reliable, secure and fast delivery of timezone information to client systems such as calendaring and scheduling applications or operating systems. The Timezone XML Specification describes a format for describing timezone information for software and services.

CalConnect Proposals are experimental specifications which may be submitted to the IETF or other standards bodies for progression to become standards.