Check out CalConnect at CalConnect XX in February

Even if your organization is not currently a member of CalConnect, our upcoming event, CalConnect XX, in February is a perfect opportunity to learn more about CalConnect, and our activities, first hand. As the Bay Area is local to many of you, attending these events, hosted this time at UC Berkeley, would be very convenient.

Three times a year, we hold a CalConnect Interoperability Test Event (C.I.T.E.) from Monday morning to Wednesday noon (February 7-9), and a members meeting (called a Roundtable) from Wednesday through Friday afternoon, (February 9-11). C.I.T.E. participants don’t have to be members — and the members meeting are open to observers. Many of our present members decided to become active participants in CalConnect after attending a Roundtable as an observer.

Come to the Roundtable and find out what’s going on in CalDAV, mobile calendaring, iSchedule, event publication, iCalendar and XML, and other areas CalConnect is working on. Here’s a chance to decide if you want to part of the work, and help drive the future of calendaring and scheduling. Our goal for calendaring and scheduling is ubiquity and seamless interoperability.

For more information about CalConnect XX, see For more information about our nonprofit consortium, see You can e-mail us at “contact at” or call at 707-840-9391 with questions. (Please note, that, not surprisingly, there are separate registration fees for attending these events, for members and non-members alike.)

We look forward to welcoming you in February!

Dave Thewlis
Executive Director, The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium