Microsoft announces Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program

For anyone who did not see the original announcement, on April 13th Microsoft announced EAS, its Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program: “to establish baseline for EAS functionality in mobile email devices . The program is designed for device manufacturers that license the EAS protocol from Microsoft for use in mobile email clients that connect to Exchange.” This includes a test plan which must be successfully demonstrated to qualify a device for the plan.

As ActiveSync is broadly implemented upon mobile devices, many of which support calendaring services, this is clearly of interest to those in the calendaring and scheduling space.

Microsoft is a member of CalConnect, and we have in the past conducted ActiveSync-based interoperability testing between multiple servers and devices using ActiveSync. While CalConnect is unlikely to figure as part of the EAS program, we expect that our interoperability testing and Mobile Calendaring Interoperability Test Suite will provide a useful adjunct to EAS participants in the futre in validating their complex calendaring interactions.