Interoperability Testing at CalConnect XXVI, January 28-30, 2013

The Interoperability Test Event will take place all day Monday and Tuesday, January 28-29, and Wednesday morning January 30th during CalConnect XXVI, hosted by Oracle in Santa Clara, California. For information about event logistics please see

At this point we are planning testing in the following areas (Updated 30 November 2012):

  • CalDAV testing:
    • access (basic operations of CalDAV)
    • scheduling
    • sync report
    • mobile
    • managed attachments
    • sharing
  • iSchedule:
    • Server discovery
    • DKIM security – latest changes for header normalization
  • Timezone:
    • Service Protocol (new JSON spec)
    • Timezones by Reference
  • VPOLL initial testing
  • Autodiscovery protocol
  • iCalendar:
    • richtext properties (and hashing)
    • iTIP/iMIP
    • jCal, the JSON Format for iCalendar
    • xCal, the XML Format for iCalendar
  • CardDAV testing:
    • generic
    • Sync report
    • mobile
    • vcard 4?
  • CalWS-REST and CalWS-SOAP, the web services protocols for iCalendar and WS-Calendar

In addition, participants may have other areas they wish to test and we will be happy to include them in our planning; the test event registration form provides a place to indicate what you want to test. In all cases at least two participating organizations must be interested in testing a particular area or scenario to form testing pairs.

Your organization need not be a member of CalConnect to participate in an Interoperability Test Event.

The information page for the Interoperability Test event is at This page also includes any updates to the planned or confirmed testing areas since this blog post.