VPOLL: Consensus Scheduling Component for iCalendar

The VPOLL draft specification defining a new consensus scheduling component for iCalendar has been submitted to the IETF as an Internet Draft: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-york-vpoll/.

This specification “introduces a new iCalendar component (VPOLL) which allows for consensus scheduling, that is voting on a number of alternative meeting or task alternatives”. This draft standard is intended to provide the broad interoperability needed to allow users to participate in consensus scheduling using the calendaring products and service they prefer rather than the product or service used first to enumerate the event and the scheduling choices.

Consensus Scheduling is the subject of a workshop at CalConnect XXVI next week: Consensus Scheduling Workshop at CalConnect XXVI. For more about Consensus Scheduling, see also 7 Things You Should Know About Consensus Scheduling.