Interview with Ronald Tse of Ribose about the CalConnect event in Hong Kong in two weeks

In less than 2 weeks,  CalConnect XXXVI in Hong Kong, our very first conference in Asia, will begin with our Developer's Conference, followed by a seminar at Hong Kong University, and then our Member's Conference, which opens with a Public Day at ITFest 2016.

Scott Mace’s Calendar Swamp interview with Ronald Tse, CEO and co-founder of Ribose, really captures the excitement, and the significance, of our first events in the Asia Pacific. Ribose, provider of a secure cloud collaboration platform, and CalConnect’s first member organization based in Asia, and OGCIO,  Hong Kong’s Office of the Government Chief Information Officer are serving as co-hosts for these events.

If you will be in Hong Kong on April 20th, please join us for the free Public Day events by simply registering.