After attending CalConnect XXXVII in Dresden Simpliday became a CalConnect member. Time to get to know Simpliday better.

What problem are you solving?

With main base in Malmö, South Sweden we started for almost 2 years ago on a mission to fix the broken experience of getting through the day using your mobile.

Scheduling a meeting was a time-consuming project and the feeling of control over your day was nowhere to be found. That’s what it looked like when we started Simpliday. For a lot of people, that’s still the case.

So we gave ourselves a task – we need to fix it!
We believed there had to be another way to go, other than grey lists on dull backgrounds. An approach that seemed to be the world standard at the time.

What does your team look like?

With our continuously growing multidisciplinary Swedish-Syrian-Romanian-Mexican-American-Polish-Hungarian team – we set out to find a new way to interact with the day. ’Simple’, ’beautiful’, ’intuitive’, ’fast’ and ‘a great overview’ are the values we use to guide us on our journey.

Why did you join CalConnect?

In conjunction with the 2016 CalConnect XXXVII Conference in Dresden this year, our Co-founder & CTO Sebastian Mutsson shared our thoughts and work on the All-In-One Calendar and stated our ambitions regarding the future development of the user experience – all based on today’s chaotic everyday for the users. In connection to this, we were offered to become members of the organization and is now one of 26 members worldwide.

For us, this is an acknowledgment of that our theories have a bearing, and at the same time it makes it easier for us to develop innovative calendaring and scheduling solutions. As a member, we can discuss one-to-one with the best experts in the world – the individuals who co-participated and wrote parts of the calendar protocols to begin with.


About Simpliday
Simpliday was started in 2014 in Sweden by co-founders Johan Gunnars and Sebastian Mutsson who saw a need for a more productive and attractive calendar than the iPhone's native iCalendar. Thus, Simpliday was born to bring busy individuals -- whether they be goal-chasing entrepreneurs, parents, students, grandparents, or anyone seeking a less stressful schedule -- a calendar app that helps them get things done with an app that is customizable and beautiful. Simpliday launched in the U.S. in 2016, seeking to change the world standard of a calendar with grey lists and grey backgrounds.



Where can we find you online?

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