CalConnect XXXIX in Seattle, Washington


This was our fourth event in the Seattle area over the last 12+ years, but the first one in downtown Seattle, hosted by Tandem.   In many ways this was a “level-set” meeting where we reviewed progress in a variety of new and ongoing areas; in particular were reports on the progress of the vCard enhancements TC-VCARD is working on, in conjunction with ISO TC-211, and the extensions of the new JSON-based data model for iCalendar data to include VTODOs and contacts. 

We also offered a half-day public workshop on Calendaring and on Scheduling, from a functional perspective in the context of what customers want, and what suppliers need to offer.  More about this workshop, and a list of topics presented and discussed, may be found at Topics of particular interest were on Marketing through Calendar and Scheduling and the high percentage of success associated with it,  and on date and time (and time zones) and their particular relevance to Calendaring and Scheduling. 

Our hosts, Tandem, did a wonderful job, and we would especially like to thank Bryan and Scott Otis, the founders of Tandem, for organizing and hosting the week.

Unfortunately, Rutger Geelen, our President, who usually writes a short article about the previous event, was unable to come to Seattle, so this is the President’s report “in absentia”.

We’re now looking forward to CalConnect’s fortieth event!  CalConnect XL will be hosted by Open-Xchange in Cologne Germany, the week of September 25-29, 2017. 

And, coming in 2018 will be our second event in Asia, hosted by Jorte in Tokyo, Japan in June!

We hope to welcome everyone to Cologne, and to future CalConnect Events.