April Conference Schedule and Highlighted Sessions

The preliminary schedule for our April 2021 Virtual Conference is now available at https://www.calconnect.org/events/calconnect-virtual-conference-2021#conference-schedule.

Highlighted sessions:

Monday 12 April 1200-1300 Implementing JSCalendar
- Report on implementing JSCalendar in Bedework and Fastmail

Tuesday 13 April 1100-1200: DMARC and iMIP Constraints and Incompatibilities
There are known issues with iMip and DMARC. For example, forwarding of invitations and sending on behalf of another user. We will outline the problems and possibly suggest solutions.

Wednesday 1100-1200:  Calendaring, Public Events and Higher Education
A discussion on the calendar issues facing higher ed institutions. These include resource management and event publication.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are very interested in suggestions and proposals for additional sessions from members and non-members alike. Please send any ideas, suggestions or proposals to contact@calconnect.org.