Registration is now open for CalConnect XXVI, January 28-February 1, 2013

Registration is now open for CalConnect XXVI, January 28 – February 1, 2013, hosted by Oracle in Santa Clara, California. Monday and Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning will be the Interoperability Test Event; Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday will be the CalConnect Roundtable Technical Conference.

Interoperability Testing at CalConnect XXVI, January 28-30, 2013

The Interoperability Test Event will take place all day Monday and Tuesday, January 28-29, and Wednesday morning January 30th during CalConnect XXVI, hosted by Oracle in Santa Clara, California. For information about event logistics please see

At this point we are planning testing in the following areas (Updated 30 November 2012):

CalConnect Roundtable XXV in Zurich

Our CalConnect events generally consist of two parts: the first half of the week is interoperability testing, and the last half is the Roundtable Technical Conference. At CalConnect XXV in Zurich, our second full CalConnect event in Europe, nearly everyone who participated in the interoperability testing stayed for the Roundtable, and we had a few additional participants, making a total of 26 at the Roundtable, of which 17 were European, overall representing 11 members and 5 observers (prospective members).

Symposia at CalConnect XXV in Zurich

Please note that the Thursday and Friday 1030-1200 sessions have been exchanged; Calendaring Futures is now on Thursday and Best Practices on Friday.

In addition to our regular Roundtable Technical Conference sessions, CalConnect is offering special Symposia/Workshops Thursday and Friday mornings October 4th and 5th. These sessions are covered by the Roundtable Conference registration fee and are open to all registered participants.

Calling All Calendaring Clients – particularly those in Europe

We would like to send a special invitation to folks with calendaring and scheduling clients to attend CalConnect XXV in Zurich on October 1-5, 2012, and participate in the Interoperability Testing. There will be a number of CalDAV servers begin tested at the event, and this is a unique opportunity for European organizations (or inidividuals) to test with iCal server, Bedework, Kerio, Google, SabreDAV, and so forth.

CalConnect is returning to Europe: October 1-5, 2012, Zürich, Switzerland, hosted by Google

Our first European conference was last October, hosted by Kerio Technologies in Prague. It was very successful and the European attendees encouraged us to return the following year. Therefore, CalConnect XXV will take place in Zürich, Switzerland on October 1-5, 2012 – less than six weeks from now, hosted by Google.

CalConnect Leadership Changes to Board of Directors and Steering Committee

CalConnect announces new members on its Board of Directors, and on its Steering Committee (charged with the technical direction of the consortium).

On the Board of Directors, Ciny Joy (Oracle) and Scott Mace (HealthLeaders Media) join Gary Schwartz (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Pam Taylor (Sterling Commerce) and Dave Thewlis (DCTA Inc.). Mr. Mace is also known as the author of The Calendar Swamp blog.