February 2010

Update: CalDAV Support for Symbian

See http://blog.symbian.org/2010/02/25/%EF%BB%BF%EF%BB%BFcaldav-support-for-symbian-a-contribution-by-sun-microsystems/.

The CalDAV contribution by Sun Microsystems (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle) is now integrated in Symbian^3. This means that any manufacturer releasing a handset based on the current and any upcoming Symbian version will be able to make use of this great addition to the platform.

CalConnect XXII to be held at Kerio Technologies in the Czech Republic

CalConnect has accepted the offer of Kerio Technologies to host its twenty-second Roundtable and Interoperability Test Event. CalConnect XVII will be held in the Autumn of 2011 (late September or early October) at Kerio Technologies, in Plzen, Czech Republic. This will be the first full CalConnect Week to be held outside of North America, although CalConnect has held a Mobile Calendaring Interoperability Test Event and two Meet CalConnect introductory events in Europe in the past two years.