Current Events

DAViCal implements CalConnect’s Proposal for Freebusy Read URL

As noted on Andrew McMillan’s blog at “Since DAViCal has always had Freebusy URLs, and in fact accepted a couple of simple parameters in them already it turned out to be a simple matter to provide these standardised ones as well. This change was included in DAViCal 0.9.7…”.

Topical Agendas for Technical Committees at Roundtable XV

The Topical Agendas for the Technical Committee sessions at the upcoming Roundtable XV have been published and are on the logistics page for CalConnect XV at Topical Agendas. An agenda is also provided for the Shared Calendar Workshop on Wednesday afternoon. The workshop is intended to start addressing how shared, public, and group calendars are being implemented and how to provide for them in the standards, to avoid calendaring clients having to have separate implementations for each provider.  

Revision to iCalendar (rfc2445bis) approved as Proposed Standard by IESG

The IESG has just announced that the revised draft of RFC 2445, Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar) (currently called rfc2445bis) has been approved as a Proposed Standard. CalConnect has for some time been providing input and errata to the IETF CALSIFY working group to support this revision. CalConnect congratulates the CALSIFY working group, Bernard Desruisseaux, the editor of the revision, and everyone who worked to bring this revision to completion and publication.

Report on the second Mobile IOP Test Event

Since its inception, CalConnect has conducted Interoperability Test Events.  They are generally held over 2-1/2 days in conjunction with a Roundtable (members meeting), and we do them three times a year.  Public reports on these events are posted on our website.

Last year, however, we held our first and second Mobile Calendaring Interoperability Test Events, the first in February and the second in November.  In another landmark for CalConnect, the second event was held in Plzen, Czech Republic, hosted by Kerio Technologies.