CalConnect Recommendations

The following work products are recommendations from Technical Committee work conducted by the Consortium.


Mobile Recurrence Interoperability Recommendations (July 29, 2008):

This document, prepared by the Mobile Technical Committee, describes interoperability problems observed in the implementation of recurring events in mobile devices and provides recommendations for how these issues can be avoided.


CalConnect EDST Reflections and Recommendations (September 14, 2007):

This document, prepared by the CalConnect DST Ad Hoc Committee, reflects on the impact of the Extended Daylight Savings Time change to the start of DST in the United States to March 11, 2007, and provides recommendations for the coming change back on November 4, plus longer term recommendations for timezone management in the future.


The Benefits of iCalendar for the Mobile Industry (November 27, 2006):

This document, prepared by the Mobile Technical Committee, discusses the benefits and value of converting to the iCalendar specification from its early predecessor, vCalendar, still widely in use in the mobile and travel industries. The document draws upon results from the Mobile Calendaring Questionnaires conducted earlier this year by TC Mobile; see Mobile Calendaring Questionnaire V2 Results.


Timezone Registry and Service Recommendations (April 17, 2006)

This document contains technical recommendations on implementing a time zone registry and a time zone service. Standardized time zones are needed for improved interoperability to avoid some common problems, and to allow using time zones by reference rather than value.


iCalendar Recurrence Problems and Recommendations (March 16, 2006)

This document contains information about recurrence implementation issues and recommendations on how to resolve these issues. We first explain what recurrences are, justify the need for recurrences, identify recurrence implementation problems and ambiguities, and then offer some guidelines and recommendations to solve these issues.


iCalendar Timezone Problems and Recommendations (January 24, 2006)

This document was created by the TIMEZONE Technical Committee of the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. It contains information about common time zone implementation issues and recommendations on how to resolve these issues. We first justify the need for time zones, then we identify time zone implementation problems, and then offer some guidelines and recommendations. Take note that the listed recommendations often describe what vendors are currently doing to solve the problems.