CalConnect XXIX - February 3-7, 2014

CalConnect Interoperability Test Event - February 3-5
CalConnect Roundtable Technical Conference XXIX - February 5-7

San Francisco, CA
Monday, February 03, 2014 to Friday, February 07, 2014
Recent Changes: 

Updated 22 January 2014 - Restaurants for Monday and Thursday Dinners

CalConnect XXIX, consisting of a CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and a CalConnect Roundtable Technical Conference (Members Meeting), will be held in San Francisco, California Monday-Friday, February 3-7, 2014, hosted by Mozilla.

The Interoperability Test Event will take place all day Monday and Tuesday February 3-4, and Wednesday morning February 5, ending at noon. The Roundtable will begin with lunch at 12:30 on Wednesday February 5, and last until mid-afternoon on Friday February 7.

An informal Introductory Q & A about CalConnect, intended for first-time attendees, will be scheduled on Wednesday morning the 5th for first-time attendees. More information for first-time participants may be found at
Getting Started....


  CalConnect Interoperability Test Event: At this meeting, we expect both regular interoperability testing with local and remote servers and clients, and mobile device testing. A participating organization may register for either or both for a single registration fee, but should be aware that they may require additional individuals to participate in both activities.

The Interoperability Test Event is open to both members and non-members as participants or as observers; please see CalConnect Interoperability Test Event February 2014 for current information. Check back often as this will be updated as more information becomes available.

Please Note: You do not need finished or polished code to participate in the Interoperability testing; in fact as soon as you have something working at all, testing against other participants can help debugging and code development, especially in identifying red herrings and wrong decisions.

Roundtable XXIX: The Roundtable Technical Conference/Members Meeting will offer Technical Committee sessions, to which all members and observers are welcome, informal BOFs (Birds of a Feather sessions), plus additional sessions and committee meetings.

Friday afternoon's final sessions will be the Technical Committee wrap-up and the full Plenary meeting of the Consortium, open to all participants. This session will include report-outs from all Technical Committees, and establishment of future goals and directions for the Consortium.


International Visitors 

International visitors who are not U.S. Citizens or hold a valid U.S. passport should acquaint themselves with any changes in U.S. travel and visitor policy since their last visit to the U.S. at Attendees who require a Letter of Invitation to obtain a visa should contact Dave Thewlis, CalConnect Executive Director, at Please be aware that you must have registered for the event before a Letter of Invitation can be issued. San Francisco is the most practical airport for international arrivals and departures although the other two offer some international service.

Registration Information 

Please see Registration and Payment Options to choose your registration type and payment option for the Roundtable and/or the CalConnect Interoperability Test Events. Note that you must register separately for the Roundtable and for the Test Event. You may register at any time once registration has been announced and the registration pages are available.


The Interoperability Test Event and the Roundtable will take place at Mozilla's San Francisco Facility, located at 2 Harrison Street, San Francisco, California. (For those who know San Francisco, this is the Hills Bros Coffee building), at the foot of Harrison Street at The Embarcadero It is about than a kilometer from the Embarcadero BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, the local metro system) Station, and on the Muni "N" light rail line running from the Embarcadero Station down The Embarcadero and past Harrison Street.

Please note: Due to high hotel prices in downtown San Francisco we are using a hotel across the San Francisco Bay in Berkeley as our conference hotel. We will commute between the hotel and San Francisco on BART. (While there are more reasonably priced hotels in San Francisco, they are inconvenient in terms of distance and transportation alternatives.)

For a map showing the locations of Mozilla, the Conference Hotel, and BART/Metro stations, see CalConnect XXIX Locations.

Parking at Mozilla: There are several parking options nearby at a cost of $16-25/day if you arrive in time for the early bird rates (before 9am). There is a garage directly below 2 Harrison Street which charges about $20/day. The best nearby option is in the 400 block on Spear Street, at $16/day. It's a little awkward to find the first time -- this is the view of the driveway: It's only a 3 minute walk to Mozilla.


Airport Information: The San Francisco Bay Area is served by three airports: San Francisco International (SFO), Oakland International (OAK), and San Jose Mineta Airport (SJC).

The nearest airport to the conference hotel is Oakland International; however San Francisco International is likely to be more convenient as there is direct BART (rapid transit) service from the airport itself to 1/2 block from the conference hotel (from Oakland, there is a short shuttle bus ride from the airport to the nearest BART station). San Jose is substantially further away and less convenient to Berkeley.

Ground Transportation: We strongly recommend taking BART, the Bay Area Rapid Transit, from either San Francisco or Oakland airport to Berkeley. BART Airport Connections provides specific information on flying into and leaving from these airports. The Downtown Berkeley BART Station is 1/2 block from the hotel.

If you arrive at San Francisco International, take the AirTrain to the BART station at Garage G. Take the Pittsburg/Bay Point train and change at the 19th Street Oakland station to the Richmond train to Downtown Berkeley If you arrive at Oakland International, take the Air Bart shuttle to the BART station and take a Richmond train to Downtown Berkeley.

If you must drive, information on rental cars and shuttles are available on all three airport websites, and the hotel offers a parking arrangement with a nearby self-parking garage.


The Shattuck Plaza hotel in Berkeley is the Conference Hotel for this meeting. Those who were at the CalConnect event at the University of California, Berkeley three years ago (February 2011) will remember this hotel as it was our conference hotel for that meeting. It is within 1/2 block of a BART station, and six stops from The Embarcadero Station in San Francisco, the closest station to Mozilla. The hotel is offering CalConnect a special rate of 17% below the lowest available rate at the time of booking. Our room block ends on Friday 17 January 2014; after that date the discount may or may not be available depending on hotel occupancy.

Conference Hotel:
Shattuck Plaza Hotel
2086 Allston Way
Berkeley, California 94704

To book your room by phone, call direct at 510-845-7300 or toll free at 866-466-9199 and ask for the CalConnect conference rate. To book online, please go to Select "Promo/Corporate Code" at the top left and enter CALCONNECTas your passcode, and your date range. CalConnect discounted rates and the available room types will immediately be displayed for the selected dates of stay.

The room rate will be 17% off the Best Available Rate at the time you book which means it is very likely to be higher as we get closer to the event – so book early and save!

Traveling between the conference hotel and the Mozilla Facility: The Downtown Berkeley BART Station is 1/2 block from the hotel. Take EITHER a Richmond-->Daly City/Milbrae train (which will go to San Francisco), or a Richmond-->Fremont train and change at the 12th street station to any train going to Daly City/Milbrae. Get off at the Embarcadero station (first San Francisco station). From this station the Mozilla building is about a kilometer walk,or you can take the F, J, KT, or N light rail lines directly from the Embarcadero station (different level) to the Embarcadero at Harrison Street Metro stop.

Test Event Schedule 

The Interoperability Test Event begins at 0830 Monday morning and runs all day Monday and Tuesday, plus Wednesday morning. The Roundtable begins with lunch on Wednesday and runs through Friday mid-afternoon.

This is a preliminary schedule and does not show the actual Roundtable sessions. A more complete schedule will be available nearer the event, as will topical agendas for the sessions.

Monday 3 February
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 Interop Testing
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1230 Interop Testing
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 CalDAV Test Suite
1430-1530 Interop Testing
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Interop Testing

1830-2030 Interop Dinner
Perry's (in the Hotel Griffon)
155 Steuart Street San Francisco
Tuesday 4 February
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 Interop Testing
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1230 Testing
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 BOF (Peer Review) or Interop Testing
1430-1530 Interop Testing
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Interop Testing
Wednesday 5 February
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 Interop Testing
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1200 Interop Testing
1200-1230 Wrap-up
1230 End of Interoperability Testing

1230-1330 Lunch1


Conference Schedule 

This is a preliminary schedule and does not show the actual Roundtable sessions. A more complete schedule will be available nearer the event, as will topical agendas for the sessions.

Wednesday 5 February
1030-1200 BOF: iSchedule domain identifier
1100-1200 Introduction to CalConnect3
1230-1330 Opening Lunch1
1330-1515 Opening/SC/New Mbrs
1515-1530 TC IOPTEST Reports
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1700 API AD HOC
1700-1800 Host Session - Mozilla

1800-2000 Welcome Reception4
On Site
Thursday 6 February
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 TC PUSH
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1230 TC CALDAV
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 TC ISCHEDULE
1430-1530 FSC AD HOC
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1700 TC TIMEZONE
1700-1800 TC FREEBUSY

1830-2100 Group Dinner6
345 Spear Street, San Francisco
Friday 7 February
0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-1000 TC TASKS
1000-1030 Break and Refreshments
1030-1100 CALSCALE AD HOC (demo)
1100-1130 TC EVENTPUB
1130-1230 TC RESOURCE
1230-1330 Working Lunch
1300-1315 TC WRAPUP
1315-1400 CalConnect Plenary
1400 (approx) Close of Meeting

1The Wednesday lunch is for all participants in the Interoperability Test Event and/or Roundtable
3The Introduction to CalConnect is an optional informal Q&A session for new attendees (observers or new member representatives)
4All Roundtable and/or Interoperability Test Event participants are invited to the Wednesday evening reception
6All Roundtable participants are invited to the group dinner on Thursday

Breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon breaks will be served to all participants in the Roundtable and the Interoperability test events and are included in your registration fees.

Topical Agendas:

API Ad Hoc Wed 1600-1700
1. Proposed Charter and milestones
2. Outline of abstract API
3. Discussion

CALSCALE Ad Hoc Fri 1030-1100
1. Status of draft
2. Demo
3. Next steps

FSC Ad Hoc Thu 1430-1530
1. Background
2. The Apple sharing spec
3. Overview
4. Open discussion
5. Next steps

Opening Session Wed 1330-1515
1. Opening and Logistics
2. Introductions
3. New Member Presentations
4. Steering Committee and SC Ad Hoc

TC CALDAV Thu 1030-1230
1. Introduction
1.1 Charter
1.2 Summary
2. Progress and Status Update
2.1 IETF
2.2 CalConnect
3. Open Discussions
3.1 VALARM extensions
3.2 Managed Attachments
3.3 Rich Capabilities
3.4 Scheduling Object Drafts
4. Review and Update Charter and Milestones
5. Moving Forward
5.1 Plan of Action

TC EVENTPUB Fri 1100-1130
1.Work and accomplishments
2. Review of iCalendar extensions draft RFC
3. Charter and milestones
4. Going Forward
4.1 Next steps
4.2 Next call

TC FREEBUSY Thu 1700-1800
1. Work and accomplishments
4. Interop test report
4.1 VPOLL demo
5. Update charter and milestones
6. Moving Forward
6.1 Plan of Action
6.2 New Work
6.3 Next Conference Call

TC IOPTEST Wed 1515-1530
Review of IOP test findings

TC ISCHEDULE Thu 1330-1430
1. Introduction
1.1 Charter
1.2 Summary
2. Calendar User Addresses and iSchedule
3. How to sell iSchedule to the rest of the world
4. Review and Update Charter and Milestones
5. Moving Forward
5.1 Plan of Action
5.2 Next Conference Calls

TC PUSH Thu 0830-1000
1. Review of new TC Charter
2. Problem description
2.1 Existing solutions
2.2 7 Things
3. Discussion of requirements
4. Next Steps and call for participation
5. Next call

TC RESOURCE Fri 1130-1230
1. Charter
2. Review
3. New properties for vCard (map/floor plans)
4. How to expose properties in CalDAV (principal)
5. How to expose properties in iCalendar
6. Call for participation
7. Next call

TC TASKS Fri 0830-1000
1. Introduction
1.1 Recap Charter
2. Progress since last roundtable
2.1 Task Architecture
2.2 Relationships recap
2.3 GAP revisited
2.4 Alarms/Escalations
2.5 Deadlines
2.6 SUBSTATE revisited
2.7 PREPARE revisited
3. Next steps
3.1 Domain specific data ref WS-Calendar
3.2 Protocol impacts
4. Review and Update Charter and Milestones

TC TIMEZONEThu 1600-1700
1. Introduction
1.1 Background to the work
2. Interop report
3. Timezone Service Specification
4. Timezones by reference in CalDAV
5. Publishing the specification
6. Timezone Registries
7. Impact of DST on DURATION and DTEND
8. Review of charter and milestones
9. Next steps


Peer Review Tue 1330-1430

This is an opportunity during the interoperability testing to discuss how your product uses the standards and discuss ways in which you could make more use of the standards or extend functionality and capabilities.

iSchedule Domain Identifier Wed 1030-1200

Goal: define the roadmap of deployment of the iSchedule protocol, taking into account existing service provider features and capabilities related to scheduling (in particular issues like user identifiers, iMIP gatewaying, etc).

1. Statement of overall problem
3:30 2. Overview of proposals to date
3. Decision time: what do we do?

Requests for new BOF sessions can be made at the Monday opening of the Interoperability Test Event, and the Wednesday opening of the Roundtable, and BOFs will be scheduled at that time. However spontaneous BOF sessions are welcome to be requested during the Roundtable and will be scheduled if time can be found.