Benefits of Membership

All members of CalConneect have the same benefits and rights regardless of membership type or membership fee. Membership benefits include:

  • Members may have as many individuals as they desire involved in CalConnect activities at no additional cost beyond the annual membership fee
    • Attendence at CalConnect events such as Conferences require additional registration fees
  • Members may attend and participate in CalConnect member activities such as Conferences and Technical Committees
  • Members may host a CalConnect Conference and pay no participation fee for the first two participants in that event
  • Members may participate in all CalConnect-only mailing and discussion lists including Technical Committees and special technical topics
  • Members may participate in liaison activities with other international standards organizations including standards development
  • Members will have access during development to all white papers, requirements documents, test scripts, specifications, etc. produced by the Consortium
  • Members may propose Technical Committees, participate in any and all Technical Committees, and nominate individuals to chair Technical Committees
  • Members will be listed on the CalConnect website Members page. Both a company or organizational logo and a link will be provided
  • Members receive recognition and publicity as a member of the CalConnect and a supporter of the goals of the Consortium
  • Members may coordinate and link CalConnect publicity with their own publicity work
  • Members participating in supporting and achieving the goals of the Consortium:
    • Better general understanding and appreciation of Calendaring and Scheduling
    • Evolution and improvement of calendaring and scheduling standards
    • Widespread acceptance and use of interoperable Calendaring and Scheduling products and applications