Introduction to CalConnect

You don't need to be a member of CalConnect to implement a standard. You need to be a member of CalConnect to influence a standard. 

Welcome to CalConnectSM, The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. We are a non-profit partnership between vendors of calendaring and scheduling systems and tools, and users of those tools.

Our purpose is to improve all aspects of calendaring and scheduling, in particular interoperability. We do this by improving existing standards, developing new standards, offering interoperability testing for calendaring and scheduling systems and tools, collaborating with other organizations with similar goals, and conducting periodic conferences where engineers and customers meet and interact in a collegial atmosphere.

Virtually every important calendaring or calendaring-related standard since the late 2000s has been authored, edited and/or coedited by members of a CalConnect Technical Committee. We invite you to learn more about CalConnect, and we hope you will become a participating member.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form, or e-mail us directly at


CalConnect, the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium, is focused on the interoperable exchange of calendaring and scheduling information between dissimilar programs, platforms, and technologies. Our mission is to promote general understanding of and provide mechanisms to allow interoperable calendaring and scheduling methodologies, tools and applications to enter the mainstream of computing. An early overview presentation is available at this link: CalConnect, Calendaring Interoperability and Calendaring Standards and a ten-year review at An Anecdotal History of CalConnect.  A list of Calendaring standards, specifications, and standards-related activities to date may be found here: Calendaring Standards.

CalConnect's major activities are:

  • Promote calendaring and scheduling to the information technology industry and the general public
  • Promote and support collaboration between CalConnect members to achieve and improve interoperability
  • Conduct Interoperability Test Events where vendors may bring candidate applications and products and determine their degree of conformance and implementation of relevant calendaring and scheduling standards
  • Promote design and implementation of open calendaring and scheduling standards
  • Develop calendaring and scheduling specifications and publish them or submit them to other standards bodies
  • Organize and conduct Technical Committees, CalConnect Conferences, and other CalConnect activities in pursuit of its goals

The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium was incorporated in the State of California as a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation at the beginning of 2004, and is recognized as a 501(C)6 tax-exempt mutual benefit association by the Federal government.


Under the auspices of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) significant work was done on Calendaring and Scheduling standards in the 1990s and early 2000s.  in recent years. The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium built upon this work, extending existing specifications and developing new ones, conducting interoperability testing, and by promoting the widespread adoption and implementation of these and future Calendaring and Scheduling standards and the general acceptance and use of interoperable Calendaring and Scheduling among the internet-using community.


Membership in CalConnecct is open to any organization interested in furthering the goals of the Consortium upon submission and acceptance of a membership application and payment of the appropriate dues. The Consortium invites members from

  • Producers and vendors of Calendaring and Scheduling applications, products and services
  • Open source organizations interested in Calendaring and Scheduling implementations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Customers interested in Calendaring and Scheduling and interested in supporting the goals of the Consortium and influencing the direction of technology evolution
  • Standards-setting organizations
  • Interested individuals

Technical Committees and oversight

The technical affairs and direction of the Consortium is directed by the Technical Committee Chairs committee, which is comprised of the chairs of the TCs and is chaird by the Chair of TC CHAIRS, under the oversight of the Board of Directors.  The Consortium will establish Technical Committees as necessary, open to all members of the Consortium and headed by chairs from Consortium members. Technical Committees will have a well-focused charter and a specific timeframe in which to accomplish their work.

CalConnect Events

CalConnect holds three CalConnect events or "CalConnect weeks" per year, generally at the end of January, May, and September. These events consist of an Interoperability Test Event for the first 2.5 days, followed by a CalConnect Conference the remainder of the week. The CalConnect Conference is where CalConnect Technical Committees hold in-person sessions on ongoing work and report on work to day, together with other scheduled events such as workshops and BOFs.

Work Products

Work in progress is restricted to CalConnect members. However, all completed work products are intended to be publicly and freely available and posted on the CalConnect website or submitted to other standards bodies for further progression.