CalConnect Resources

CalConnect Resources covers a variety of different types of resources, including:

General Resources:

Architectural and other diagrams for calendaring and scheduling.

Code Artifacts: Schemas and other code artifacts available for general use (licensed under Apache II).

Collaborations: Work developed externally in association with CalConnect or a Technical Committee.

Daylight Saving Time and Time Zones: Information developed during and as a result of the Extended Daylight Savings Time discussion and implementation.

Documents: Formal documents published by CalConnect and made publicly and freely available.

  • Public Document Types: A list of the types of public documents created by CalConnect.
  • Public Document Register: The Document Register contains an entry for each published version of each published document. The documents are in publication date/CalConnect Document order. Where more than one version has been published the register contains an entry for each version. Other links to a CalConnect document will only find the current (most recent) version. The document register also contains entries for specifications submitted directly to the IETF as Internet Drafts, identified as such.
  • Public Review Documents: In-progress documents which are not yet published or new versions of previously published documents, made available for public review and comment external to the Consortium.
  • Administrative Documents: Administrative documents are usually internal documents having to do with the conduct of CalConnect business. Such documents are usually internal CalConnect documents available to members. Any external (public) documents are listed here.
  • Proposals: Proposals for experimental specifications and protocols. Proposals may be contributed to a standards body for progression as a formal standard either upon publication by CalConnect, or subsequently at any time.
  • Recommendations:Recommendations are generally problem analysis and recommendations, use cases and requirements, etc. which offer specific recommendations on future actions or work.
    • Problems and Recommendations
      Problem statements and recommendations documents from Consortium Committees.
    • Use Cases and Requirements
      Use cases and requirements developed in support of Consortium efforts such as defining the min-IOP (minimuum interoperable subset) for iCalendar, CalDAV, tasks, etc.
  • Reports: Reports document events, questionnaires, and other analyses but offer no recommendations or actions to be taken.
  • Event Reports
    Public reports about past Roundtables, CalConnect Interoperability Test Events and pre-CalConnect test events conducted by the IETF CALSCH working group.
  • Questionnaires
    Responses and analyses of questionnaires developed and conducted by Consortium Technical Committees.
  • Calendaring Glossary
    The Calendaring and Scheduling Glossary of Terms
  • An Introduction to Internet Calendaring
    Introduction to the major calendaring & scheduling standards and data exchange protocols
  • Index to Calendaring and Scheduling Standards
  • Workshop Reports: Formal reports from selected public workshops
  • Presentations: Public Presentations from CalConnect and other events