CalConnect Virtual Conference Spring 2022

CalConnect Virtual Conference Spring 2022

CalConnect Virtual Conference Spring 2022
Monday, May 09, 2022 to Friday, May 13, 2022
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Recent Changes: 

20 Jan 2022 - Updated to reflect intent of holding multiple Virtual Conferences or days in the Spring of 2022

03 March 2022 - Schedule updated to reflect current planning for sessios

19 March 2022 - Registration opened


CalConnect intends to hold several Virtual Conference days or specialized  topic sessions in the Spring of 2022.  Detailed planning has not yet begun as of mid-January but we hope to have a schedule developed over the next few weeks.  These may follow  the model we used for the Autumn 2021 Virtual Conference, or the related CalendarFest or specialized one-day in-depth topics. 


Registration Information 

Via Zoom. URL and access credentials will be provided to all registered attendees before the Virtual Conferencess. 

Test Event Schedule 

To be announced.

Conference Schedule 


This schedule will be updated as needed prior to May

All times shown are Eastern North America UTC-4 (daylight saving time)

Monday 09 May 2022
1030-1430 Open discussion or specific topic
- More information forthcoming
Tuesday 10 May 2022
1100-1130 Intros and Familiarization
- Quick discussion on Zoom and tools
- Introductions and welcome to newcomers
 1130-1200 Conference Welcome and Plenary
- TC Status
- Report from Board, next steps
- Plans for Autumn 2022 and beyond
1200-1300 Implementing JSCalendar
- Report on implementing JSCalendar in Bedework and Fastmail
1300-1400 Fractional date/time in iCalendar and JSCalendar
- Supporting subsecond intervals in iCalendar and JSCalendar
1400-1430 Chat Time
Wednesday 11 May 2022
1045-1100 Chat Time
1100-1200 Avoiding pitfalls with DMARC and iMIP
Some clients have known problems handling DMARC and iMIP.  For example, forwarding of invitations and sending on behalf of another user.  We will suggest guidelines on how to avoid these prolems. 
Review of ongoing work; status of current draft specifications including
- Relations
- Alarms
- Event Publication
1245-1330 Review of the current status of VPOLL
Having the relations RFC published it is time to review VPOLL again
1330-1400 BoF
1400-1430 Chat Time
Thursday 12 May 2022 - Open Day for scheduling
Friday 13 May 2022
Presentations and discussion
0200-0300 TC-DATETIME and ISO/TC 154 WG 5
Presentations and discussion
0300-0430 JMAP and JSCalendar/JSContacts Joint Session with IETF CALEXT and JMAP WGs
Joint public working group call with IETF CALEXT and JMAP working groups