Goals of the Consortium

The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium conducts a variety of activities and offerings in support of the goals of the Consortium as detailed below. Some of these activities are carried out by directly by the Consortium (such as publicity releases), while others are accomplished by representatives of members of the Consortium in activities such as CalConnect Interoperability Test Events (IOP testing or interoperability testing), CalConnect Conferences, Technical Committees, and so forth. The Consortium may also call upon members to represent it at speaking engagements or in appropriate non-Consortium activities.

Promote Calendaring and Scheduling

The Consortium will promote the general awareness of interoperable Calendaring and Scheduling, as well as the focus on such implementations among the Internet community and developers, through a variety of mechanisms. The goal of these activities is to raise the general understanding of the value of interoperable Calendaring and Scheduling to the Internet-using public and to the IT industry. Planned methods include

  • Press releases
  • Focus in media publications
  • Trade shows
  • Editorials and op ed pieces, articles and white papers
  • Speaking opportunities at conferences and symposia
  • Publicity events and releases concerning CalConnect Interoperability Events

Interoperability Testing and Conformance

The Consortium will host CalConnect Interoperability Test Events 3 times per year at host member locations or public locations. These events offer an opportunity for members and non-members to evaluate their products and applications against Calendaring and Scheduling standards for conformity to the standards, and for interoperability between products. Activities associated with the IOP testing events will include

  • Promotional events and publicity announcing the successful completion of testing for members who desire the publicity, coordinated with the member's publicity activities
  • Analysis of results and reporting to IETF or other relevant standards-setting organizations on correctness and completeness of implementations being tested
  • Development and implementation of independent test suites and reference implementations for interoperability and conformance tests

Promote design and implementation of Calendaring and Scheduling Standards

In addition to providing a vehicle for demonstrating that Calendaring and Scheduling products, applications and tools correctly implement the relevant standards, the Consortium intends to promote further work on Calendaring and Scheduling standards as appropriate.. Such activities may include

  • Feedback on existing standards for correctness and completeness
  • Development of specifications and standards
  • Use cases and requirements assessment for extensions to existing standards or for new, complementary standards
  • Justification resulting from study and reporting of the needs of the user community at large for both standards and implementations
  • Other activities as proposed and conducted by Consortium members via Technical Committees

Promote collaboration among members

The Consortium provides a vehicle for assisting and promoting collaboration among its members in the area of Calendaring and Scheduling. Major areas where such collaboration is expected to be useful are

  • Technical Committee work to further Calendaring and Scheduling technologies and standards and further the work of the IETF
  • Consortium Conferences and Developers Forums / Test Events
  • Improved interoperability
  • Instruction and training
  • Identification and quantification of new areas of Calendaring and Scheduling standards and implementations

Promote the common goals of members

The Consortium will establish a member forum devoted to establishing and promoting the common goals of members, in particular

  • Establish common "messages" of the members as a basis for promotional materials and publicity on Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Provide a member forum where discussion of Calendaring and Scheduling between members of all types can flourish
  • Explore the need for and value of a regular Calendaring and Scheduling conference to be offered by the Consortium

Support the common goals of members

The Consortium will actively help to support the common goals of its members as codified and agreed by its member forums and activities, so long as they are within the scope and purpose of the Consortium.