Events & Activities

CalConnect Events

CalConnect holds three week-long events each year. Each event week consists of an Interoperability Test Event and Developers Forum, and a CalConnect Conference (members). Generally the Test Event is scheduled from Monday morning through noon Wednesday, with the Conference scheduled from noon Wednesday to early afternoon on Friday (at European events, the Conference lasts all afternoon due to slightly different scheduling of sessions).

CalConnect also holds occasional Workshops, which are usually organized as part of the CalConnect Week. These may be members-only or open to the public.

CalConnect Conference

CalConnect Conferences
A general introduction to the CalConnect Conferences, which are members events (except for possible observers). Specific information about updcoming Conferences can be found in Future Events. Reports on past Conferences can be found in Event Reports.

Conference Fees
Conference Registration Fees.

Conference Registration
The Registration form for the upcoming Conference. This form is used for both member representatives and for observers.

CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and Developers Forum

CalConnect Interoperability Test Events
A general introduction to and participant information about the CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and Developers Forum, sometimes called IOP Test Events or "Interops".

Participation and Observer Fees
CalConnect Interoperability Test Event participation fees and observer fees.

Participant Registration
The Registration form to participate in the next CalConnect Interoperability Test Event.

Observer Registration
The Registration form to observe the next CalConnect Interoperability Test Event.

CalConnect Interoperability Test Event. Confidentiality Agreement
All participants in and observers of a CalConnect Interoperability Test Event are required to agree to and comply with this confidentiality agreement.

Conduct for Observers at CalConnect Interoperability Test Events
Guidelines, do's and don'ts for appropriate behavior for observers at a Test Event.

CalConnect Activities

The technical work of CalConnect is largely done by Technical Committees.

Any member of the Consortium may propose a Technical Committee, and nominate an individual to Chair the TC if it is approved. Approval of a new Technical Committee is done by the Steering Committee after reviewing the proposed scope of work, charter and schedule, and assessing the interest of the general membership of the Consortium in participating in the proposed TC. Member Reprsentatives of the Consortium may join and participate in any TCs they choose. At the discretion of the Chair of a Technical Committee, and with the approval of the Steering Committee, an outside expert not representing a member of the Consortium may be invited to participate in the work of the TC, on the grounds that the participation of the individual will greatly enhance the work of the TC and benefit the Consortium as a whole.

Consortium Technical Committees do most of their work between member meetings via conference calls, document editing, and collaborative work on the internal Etherpads. Consortium wiki.

Technical Committees are generally expected to work electronically to ensure that all participants have an equal opportunity for involvement, but in person meetings of TCs may be held by mutual consent. Technical Committees also hold working sessions at Consortium Conferences, with the advantage that any attendees at the Conference may participate in the TC meeting, thus giving a broader perspective on the issues being addressed.

On occasion, CalConnect will also form a Provisional (Ad Hoc) Committees to address specific issues where a Technical Committee is not called for or to explore a proposed area of work to determine whether CalConnect should create a Technical Committee or other activity to address it.