Membership Agreement

As part of submitting the Membership Application Form, a prospective member of CalConnect agrees to comply with the following provisions.

  1. We agree to support the goals of the Consortium and participate in its activities as appropriate for our organization.
  2. We agree to abide by the relevant provisions of the Bylaws and such governing and process documents as are adopted by the Consortium.
  3. We will pay our membership renewal fee promptly each year when assessed unless we terminate our membership or the Consortium disbands.
  4. We agree to familiarize our representatives with the Consortium Code of Conduct, ensure that our representatives in Consortium activities behave in a collegial and professional fashion in accordance with the Consortium Code of Conduct, and agree to remove or replace offending individuals if their conduct makes it necessary.

Also note Policy 0803 Membership Fees and Renewals pertaining to the due dates for membership fees and renewals and actions taken by the Consortium upon extended non-payment of such fees.