CalConnect XXXIX - June 12-16, 2017

CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and Developers Forum - Monday-Wednesday
CalConnect Conference - Wednesday-Friday

Seattle, WA
CalConnect XXXIX in Seattle, June 12-16 2017, Hosted by Tandem
Monday, June 12, 2017 to Friday, June 16, 2017
Recent Changes: 

2017-02-21 Dates of event changed to June 12-16 2017

2017-03-31 Logistics information about venue, hotels, travel, etc. added along with preliminary agendas and schedules.

Hosted by Tandem, Seattle, Washington

CalConnect XXXIX, consisting of a CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and Developers Forum, and a CalConnect Conference, will be held in Seattle, Washington, California, on June 12-16 13-17, 2017, hosted by Tandem.

Developers' Forum and Interoperability Test Event: The Developers' Forums and Test Events are open to both members and non-members as participants or as observers; please see Test Event for basic  information about the event and for the schedule and agenda  (this will be developed gradually, so check back periodically).

Please Note: You do not need finished or polished code to participate in the testing; in fact as soon as you have something working at all, testing against other participants can help debugging and code development, especially in identifying red herrings and wrong decisions.

Conference: The Conference will offer a variety of sessions on technical and higher-level topics, informal BOFs (Birds of a Feather sessions), plus additional sessions and committee meetings. All attending member representatives and observers are welcome.

The last session on Friday afternoon will be the full Plenary meeting of the Consortium, open to all participants. This session will include future directions for Technical Committees, and establishment of future goals and directions for the Consortium.

International Visitors 

International visitors who are not U.S. Citizens or hold a valid U.S. passport should acquaint themselves with any changes in U.S. travel and visitor policy since their last visit to the U.S. at Attendees who require a Letter of Invitation to obtain a visa should contact Dave Thewlis, CalConnect Executive Director, at Please be aware that you must have registered for the event before a Letter of Invitation can be issued.

Conference Details 

Morning coffee and continental breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon breaks will be served to all participants in the Developers' Forum and Conference and are included in your registration fees. The Monday and Thursday group dinners are hosted by CalConnect. The Wednesday Reception is hosted by Tandem, our hosts for CalConnect XXXIX.

Dress at all CalConnect events is casual to business casual.

Registration Information 

Please see Registration and Payment Options to choose your registration type and payment option for the CalConnect Conference and/or the CalConnect Interoperability Test Event and Developers Forum. Note that you must register separately for the Conference and for the Test Event, but you may request a combined invoice. You may register at any time for the next event.


CalConnect XXXIX will be held at Galvanize Pioneer Square, 111 S. Jackson Street at First Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104, in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle.  We will be in the main conference room on the fiifth floor, next to the elevator.

The closest Light Rail Station is International/Chinatown Bay C, a short walk down S. Jackson Street to the venue.  Here is a map of the immediate area of the venue showing the light rail station.  The venue is about 8 blocks from the Conference Hotel, the Kimpton Alexis Seattle, at 1007 First Avenue at Madison.


Seattle is served by the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, generally called SeaTac.  SeaTac is about 20 miles south of Seattle, and offers both public transportation and rental cars.   (We do not recommend a rental car unless you must, due to the high cost of parking in downtown Seattle.)

The easiest way to get from SeaTac to downtown Seattle is the Seattle Light Rail system.  As noted under Location, the nearest Light Rail station to the venue is International District/Chinatown Bay C.  The nearest Light Rail station to the conference hotel is the Pioneer Square Station or University Street Station, the next two stations north.  The journey takes about 40 minutes and the cost is less than $4 U.S.  Trains run every 6-15 minutes depending on time of day, and are available from 5 a.m. until midnight or later. 


Lodging costs in Seattle for the period of the event, June 12-16, are quite high, probably because of the tourist season.  We have managed to identify a conference hotel; however the CalConnect rate will depend on availability.  We encourage you to book your room as soon as possible.  

The conference hotel is the Kimpton Alexis Seattle, at 1007 First Avenue at Madison, about half a mile from the venue.  The nearest Light Rail stations to the hotel are the Pioneer Square station and the University Street station, one and two stops north of the International District/Chinatown Bay C station

The Kimpton has offered us a group rate of $275 per night for those willing to commit to their stay to us, such that CalConnect will guarantee the room costs.  In order to secure this offer we had to commit at the beginning of April following a quick notification to possible attendees.  The Kimpton has offered to make this rate available to other CalConnect attendees as long as availability permits.

The least expensive hotel in the area of the venue appears to be the Best Western Plus Pioneer Square, which is quoting a best rate of $289 per night for the days of our event (slightly less for AAA/CAA or Senior).   

AirBnB is certainly an alternative especially in the Capitol Hill Light Rail station area, a few stops north of Pioneer Square. Additionally, lower rates may be available very close to CalConnect week if hotels still have vacancies, but have backup plans.



Test Event Schedule 

The Developers Forum and Interoperability Test Event begins at 0800 Monday morning and runs all day Monday and Tuesday, plus Wednesday morning.


Monday 12 June
0800-0830 Coffee & Rolls
0830-1030 Testing
1030-1100 Break and Refreshments
1100-1230 Testing
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 BOF or Testing
1430-1530 Testing
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Testing

1915-2100 Test Event Dinner (TBA)

Tuesday 13 June
0800-0830 Coffee & Rolls
0830-1030 Testing
1030-1100 Break and Refreshments
1030-1230 Testing
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 BOF or Testing
1330-1530 Testing
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Testing

Wednesday 14 June
0800-0830 Coffee & Rolls
0830-1000 Testing
1030-1100 Break and Refreshments
1130-1130 Testing
1130-1200 Wrap-up
1200 End of IOP Testing

1230-1330 Lunch


Test Event Agenda 

Specific Areas for testing as identified by participants

Specific testing areas will be requested by registrants.  However probable areas include
  • Sharing
  • CalDAV
  • CardDAV
  • iMIP
  • ical4j (in particular CalConnect fork if created)
  • API <--> iCalendar
  • Calendar publication and subscription models
  • TESTER (extended CalDAV Tester)
  • DAV server discovery
  • JCAL
  • XCAL

Technical Topics for Developers' Discussions

The developer discussions provide an opportunity for those who may not have been able to get on calls to engage other developers in detailed discussions.
These discussions can cover implementation approaches, protocol issues,  data models etc.  and may involve the entire group or small breakout sessions.
The schedule for these discussions will be decided on during the 2.5days and is very flexible.
Current discussion topics include
  • Developers Guide - target audience, next topics to be documented
  • iMIP Best Practices
  • CalConnect ical4j
  • TC API (start work on contacts?)
  • Replacement for Titanpad
  • Review and update/remove/relocate Testing Resources materail from website
  • Exchange/Outlook approach to issues we are addressing in the standards
  • Preparation for Calendar Spam session
  • Recommendations on alternative to Titanpad

Please see the Reading List for the Developer's Forum at

Baseline Testing

Final determination of what will be tested will depend on what the participants in the test event wish to test; the current set of interests is noted above. Participants may also request to test things that are not mentioned in this list (the registration form offers a place to indicate areas you wish to test). In all cases at least two participating organizations must be interested in testing a particular area or scenario to form testing pairs.

Please note that you do not need finished or polished code to participate in the testing; in fact as soon as you have something working at all, testing against other participants can help debugging and code development, especially in identifying red herrings and wrong decisions.

Possible Testing areas

  • CalDAV testing:
    • Access (basic operations of CalDAV)
    • Scheduling
    • Sync report (depth: 1 on home collection)
    • Mobile
    • Sharing
    • Prefer Header
  • Managed Attachments
  • iSchedule:
    • Server discovery
    • DKIM security
  • Timezones:
    • Service Protocol
    • Timezones by Reference
  • Calendar Alarms:
    • Snooze
    • Default alarms
  • VPOLL support in clients and servers
  • VAVAILABILITY support in clients and servers
  • Autodiscovery protocol
  • Non-gregorian calendar recurrences via RRULE and RSCALE
  • iCalendar:
    • Rich text and other new properties (and hashing)
  • iMIP
  • iTIP
  • jCal, the JSON format for iCalendar - libraries and servers
  • xCal, the XML format for iCalendar
  • Enhanced VTODO support
  • CardDAV testing:
    • Generic
    • Sync report
    • Mobile
    • vCard 4

Who May Participate or Observe

Any vendor or organization wishing to test a calendaring and scheduling implementation, or a mobile calendaring server or client, is welcome to participate whether or not they are a CalConnect member. Note that non-members pay a 25% surchange on the Interoperability Test Event registration fee.

Any vendor or organization wishing to observe the Interoperability Test Event is welcome whether or not they are a CalConnect. Note that an organization, member or not, may only observe one Test Event. 


Please see CalConnect Interoperability Test Event Registration Fees for information about event registration fees. Please choose one of the following registration methods:

Interoperability Event Scenarios

If you are planning to participate, please contact us to let us know which interoperability event scenarios you wish to pursue or if you would like to propose a new scenario.

CalConnect will invite all registered participants to two or three conference calls prior to the event to discuss logistics, testing scenarios, etc.

Conference Schedule 


As of March 31, 2017 specific sessions have not yet been identified or scheduled.  This schedule is a skeleton and will be fleshed out as we get nearer to the event.  We will make an announcement when the schedule is available..


Wednesday 14 June
1100-1200 Introduction to CalConnect Q&A
An optional session for first-time attendees. The genesis of CalConnect, a brief history, and how CalConnect works, followed by questions.
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1445 Conference Opening
Welcome, Logistics, Introductions, Test Event Reports, Technical Committee activity since last CalConnect event, IETF Liaison, Conference Schedule Review
1445-1500 New Member and Observer Presentations
Introductory presentations from new members or observers at their first CalConnect event.
1500-1530 Sessions
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1800 Sessions
1800-2000 Welcome Reception
Thursday 15 June
0800-0830 Coffee & Rolls
 0830-1030 Sessions
1030-1100 Break and refreshments
1100-1230 Sessions
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1530 Sessions
1530-1600 Break and refreshments
1600-1800 Sessions
1915-2130 Conference Dinner
Friday 16 June
0800-0830 Coffee & Rolls
0830-1030 Sessions
1030-1100 Break and refreshments
1100-1230 Sessions
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 Sessions
1430-1445 Technical Committee Directions for period to CalConnect XL
1445-1530 CalConnect Plenary Meeting
Administrative business, coming events, consensus agreements on decisions reached during the week, open floor.
1530 Close of CalConnect XXXIX


Please see the Reading List for the Conference at