Current Events

Timezone Technical Committee closed; work program completed

The CalConnect TIMEZONE Technical Committee was originally chartered to develop problem statements and recommendations for managing time zone data in iCalendar, and recommendations for a TIMEZONE Registry and TIMEZONE service.  The TC was reactivated in 2007 to develop the Time Zone Data Distribution Service specification, and to help progress it to a standard.

CalConnect Specifications in IETF CALEXT Working Group Last Call

The IETF CALEXT Working Group has issued a Last Call for Comments on two CalConnect specifications:  Calendar Availability (VAVAILABILITY)
 and Calendar Extensions

CalConnect Blog Superceded by New Website News Feed

We have superceded our old blog,, with the news feed from our new website,  We've also put a redirect in on the old blog site so anyone with a bookmark to the old blog will wind up on the new news feed.  In the process, virtually all of the old blog entries have been ported into the new site so you can still reference old blog entries.



Only three weeks to CalConnect XXXV January 11-15 2016

AOL Palo Alto

Well, actually it’s a few days more than three weeks. BUT the point is, if you’re planning to come to AOL in Palo Alto for CalConnect XXXV, it’s time to register and make your arrangements. Info about CalConnect XXXV can be found at; registration info is at .