Special Focus

Patricia Egen, An Appreciation

Patricia Egen passed away on September 15, 2020.

Pat’s contributions to CalConnect were wide-ranging. Pat had the original idea that became CalConnect, was a founder and board member, and ran our testing events for many years. She served as a director, hosted CalConnect's IT infrastructure, and coordinated CalConnect XXIX in her hometown of Chatanooga, TN. Pat was recognized as the second recipient of our Distinguished Service Award.

Registration is now open for the CalConnect Virtual Conference October 12-15, 2020

The CalConnect Virtual Conference web page  contains information about the timing, structure, and sessions offered for this virtual conference.  .

The CalConnect Conference is planned for four days, Monday-Thursday, October 12-15, with the possibility of scheduling additional working sessions or testing on Friday October 16.

Thomas Schäfer 10th Recipient of CalConnect Distinguished Service Award

The Board of Directors has honored Thomas Schäfer as the recipient of our tenth Distinguished Service Award.

Thomas became active in CalConnect in 2014 when 1&1 joined, and has remained intensely involved ever since on both the technical and organizational sides.  Thomas and 1&1 hosted two conferences, CalConnect XXXIII Bucharest in 2015 and CalConnect XLIII Karlsruhe in 2018.

CalConnect Virtual Sessions in June

Updated June 10 to merge Monday 22 June session into Wednesday June 24 session

CalConnect will be offering the sessions listed below as virtual sessions via Zoom.  These sessions are also open to the public interested in the topics and learning more about CalConnect.  Each session will be no longer than an hour.  The scheduled times have been chosen to be practical for as many people as possible who have expressed interest in the topic. 

CalConnect XLVII Rescheduled to October 12-16, 2020

The CalConnect XXVII meeting in Nottingham is now rescheduled again, from June 2020 to October 12-16, 2020.  All other arrangements (host, venue, conference hotel) remain unchanged.  The Board has reached this decision after reviewing the current status of the pandemic, as available from the WHO and CDC, and concluded that the chance of having a successful in-person conference in June is very slim.

CalConnect XLVII Rescheduled to June 15-19 2020

The CalConnect XXVII meeting in Nottingham is now rescheduled from April 20-24 to the week of June 15-19 2020.  All other arrangements (host, venue, conference hotel) remain unchanged.  The Board has reached this decision after reviewing the current status of COVID-19, as available from the WHO and CDC.

As the situation worldwide with respect to the virus is changing rapidly, please note that we might have to reschedule again to the September/October timeframe.  We will issue an update no later than mid-April as to our status.

Registration is now open for CalConnect XLVII in Nottingham, United Kingdom, April 20-24, 2020, hosted by Cronofy

The CalConnect XLVII web page contains lodging information, airport and transfer information, and meeting venue.

The CalConnect Conference itself will be four days, Monday-Thursday, April 20-23.  Friday April 24th will be a joint work and testing day if some attendees with to stay through Friday.

CalConnect is now listed as an official international standards body by the WTO

I am very pleased to announce that CalConnect is now officially listed as an international standards body by the World Trade Organization:  https://tbtcode.iso.org/sites/wto-tbt/contents/json/185.html.  The document describing our alignment with WTO principles may be found here:  https://standards.calconnect.org/csd/cc-10100.html.

CalConnect calls on EU to reconsider timeline for proposed seasonal time changes

The European Commission has proposed to discontinue daylight saving time (DST), effective October 2019. Several governments and organizations have since expressed concerns about such a tight timeline for the far-reaching change. CalConnect shares these concerns and recommends the European Commission  extend the timelines stated in the proposal.

CalConnect Announces 60 Day Public Review and Comment of Calendar Spam Best Current Practices

TC-CALSPAM, the CalConnect Calendar Spam Technical Committee, is putting the final draft of its Best Current Practices document out for a 60 day public review and comment.  We encourage anyone interested to review the document and to make any comments or suggestions via the public comment mailing list.  All comments will be reviewed by the technical committee and will be responded to, and adopted where appropriate.   The Public Review ends as of midnight UTC 23 December 2018