TESTER Technical Committee

October 2016


The Apple Darwin site hosts a CalDAV and CardDAV test suite which has very many tests covering most of the features of those protocols. This suite has been invaluable to many of us in developing our implementations. However, as time has passed, some of the tests are incorrect and need work and some of them are specific to Apple features. The full set of tests is also very comprehensive and there is no easy way to determine which tests are required for a minimal or small implementation. It is also very difficult to get a 100% pass rate.


The goal of TC TESTER is to develop a forked version of the test suite which is less Apple specific. A further target is to define smaller sets of tests which either target specific feature sets or provide a quick regression test of major features.

Additionally the TC will develop features which allow the easy exclusion or inclusion of individual tests allowing developers to skip tests for features that may need development. Where appropriate new tests will be created in parallel to standards to support their implementation.. TC TESTER will also provide content for the Calendar Developers Guide (TC DEVGUIDE) to assist users of the test suite.

FInally, the TC will work towards a version of the test suite to be used in a certification program for CalDAV server implementations, 


  • A cleaned up set of tests
  • Subsets of tests for various features and levels of implementation
  • A test suite interface which maintains the state of previous runs, allows the definition of named subsets of the tests and allows implementors to exclude individual tests.

Begin and End Dates

Begin: October 2016
End: TBD

Milestones and Work Products

February 2017  Provide an initial clean subset of the tests and an initial devguide page.


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