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Updated July 2017


Although a number of calendaring standards and protocols exist, no overall calendaring architecture has been stated, and it must be inferred from the existing standards and protocols. A need exists for such a calendaring architecture in which new functionality can be developed to ensure compatibility with existing work, and which relates existing work to the architecture.


TC API will define and document a calendaring architecture encompassing the existing calendaring and scheduling standards and protocols, and develop an abstract calendar store API which encompasses all of the major functionality and the object model currently available in the base calendaring standards, CalDAV access and scheduling specifications, and key CalDAV/WebDAV extensions (e.g., sync REPORT), also taking into account the existing work on RESTful and SOAP APIs.

In addition the committee will align and extend the existing RESTful and SOAP APIs to implement a significant subset of that abstract API.

The design of the API will take into account the other work being done in CalConnect (support for new features like VPOLL, iSchedule etc., whilst not explicitly included should not be ruled out by design).

Out of Scope for API

  • Explicit fine-grained access control
  • Server-to-server-specific APIs
  • Account provisioning, discovery and management


  • A Calendaring Service Architecture and diagram
  • A CalConnect "7-things" document about the Abstract API
  • An abstract API for calendaring (a CalConnect Recommendation document(
  • A simple "instantiation" of the abstract API for webpages as an exemplar - either a CalConnect Proposal, or submitted to the IETF, OASIS or W3C

Begin and End Dates

Begin: March 2014
End: TBD


Milestones and Work Products

February 2014 Present use cases/requirements/overview of Abstract API to CalConnect XXIX (API Ad Hoc)
March 2014 Develop and publish a 7-things document
May 2014 Present detailed abstract API at CalConnect XXX
September 2014 Present simple instantiation of API at CalConnect XXXI
January 2015 Publish Abstract API Recommendation document


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