Interoperability Testing at CalConnect XXIV May 21-23 2012

At the upcoming CalConnect XXIV event we will as usual be offering an Interoperability Test Event all day Monday and Tuesday May 21-22, and Wednesday morning the 23rd. At this event we will be testing the following:

• CalDAV Access
• CalDAV Scheduling, including Implicit Scheduling
• iMIP and iMIP Gateways
• CardDAV
• Timezone Service Protocol and Timezones by Reference

Registration is open for CalConnect XXIV May 21-25, 20012, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Registration is now open for CalConnect XXIV, May 21-25, 2012, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, hosted by Patricia Egen Consulting.  Please see CalConnect XXIV for logistics and registration information.  As usual, the first 2.5 days will be the Interoperability Test Event; the remainder of the week (Wednesday lunch through Friday mid-afternoon) will be the Roundtable Technical Conference.  Early booking at the conference hotel is recommended as the block rate expires on 3 May or

CalWS-SOAP SOAP Web Services Protocol for Calendaring available for Public Review

The SOAP version of the Web Services Protocol for Calendaring is now available for public review and comment for a period of at least one month; the public comment period will last until at least 22 March 2012.  To review the document and comment, please see Public Review Documents on the CalConnect website.  (Note:  This public review is being carried out in parallel with the public review of the OASIS WS-Calendar version of the protocol.)

Bernard Desruisseaux of Oracle first recipient of CalConnect Distinguished Service Award

CalConnect is honored to announce that Bernard Desruisseaux of Oracle was the first recipient of the CalConnect Distinguished Service Award.

The CalConnect Distinguished Service Award was created by the Board of Directors early in 2011 to recognize individuals who have given extraordinary and/or exemplary service to CalConnect and to interoperable calendaring more generally.  At CalConnect XXIII last week, CalConnect announced that Bernard Desruisseaux of Oracle was the first recipient of the award.