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CalConnect to have two conferences in 2020

In response to approval of the attendees at the Plenary session at CalConnect XLV of holding just 2 conferences in 2020, CalConnect, as an experiment, is eliminating the winter conference (January/February 2020), and moving forward the spring conference to the latter half of April.  The autumn conference will remain at the end of September/beginning of October as has been our past practice.

Our goals for this change are to

Registration is now open for CalConnect XLV in Bedford, United Kingdom, June 3-7, 2019, hosted by

The CalConnect XLV web page is located at and contains lodging information, airport and transfer information, meeting venue, schedule, etc.  The CalConnect conference is Monday-Thursday, June 3-6.  Friday June 7 will be a offsite working day for anyone registered for the conference who wishes to stay on. 

Findings from CalConnect's EU Timezone workshop

CalConnect held a timezone workshop on February 5th 2019, in conjunction with its meeting in Zurich. This workshop was initiated to discuss the EU's proposal allowing member states the option to select permanently remain on either "Standard Time" or "Summer Time", addressing issues of governance and challenges of technical implementation. Workshop attendees represented a number of major vendors and the IANA tz database

CalConnect is now listed as an official international standards body by the WTO

I am very pleased to announce that CalConnect is now officially listed as an international standards body by the World Trade Organization:  The document describing our alignment with WTO principles may be found here: