News & Highlights

CalConnect is now listed as an official international standards body by the WTO

I am very pleased to announce that CalConnect is now officially listed as an international standards body by the World Trade Organization:  The document describing our alignment with WTO principles may be found here:

CalConnect publishes Calendar Spam Best Current Practices

TC-CALSPAM, the CalConnect Calendar Spam Technical Committee,  is happy to announce that it has released its Best Current Practices Report [Calendar operator practices — Guidelines to protect against calendar abuse (CC/R 18003:2019)] to publication today.  The document may be found on our document register  or directly at

Registration is now open for CalConnect XLIV in Zurich, Switzerland, February 4-8, 2019, hosted by Google

The CalConnect XLIV web page is located at and contains lodging information, airport and transfer information, meeting venue, schedule, etc.  The page also offers preliminary information about an Open Codefest on Monday 4 February and a Public

CalConnect calls on EU to reconsider timeline for proposed seasonal time changes

The European Commission has proposed to discontinue daylight saving time (DST), effective October 2019. Several governments and organizations have since expressed concerns about such a tight timeline for the far-reaching change. CalConnect shares these concerns and recommends the European Commission  extend the timelines stated in the proposal.