Calendaring Systems Bug Reporting

Page last updated 05 October 2015
The following links and information have been contributed by vendor and open source or academic developer members to provide a "one stop" source for bug reporting for calendaring systems and applications developed by members of the Consortium. We will periodically check with the contributing members to ensure the information is as up to date as possible; however if you notice that an entry does not work or appears to have been changed, please notify is at
Vendor Product Links Comments
1&1 Internet AG WEB.DE Kalender, GMX Kalendar, Organizer, Organizer 1&1 does not yet have an external bug tracking system; please use this e-mail address to report bugs related to contacts and CardDAV
BusyMac BusyCal and BusyContacts BusyMac does not have a formal public-facing site for reporting/tracking bugs at this time. Please send any bug reports to the support e-mail address.
CMU Cyrus Main page Report bugs here
FastMail FastMail File support ticket; will be routed to appropriate developer.
fruux sabre/dav Follow from the link provided to the various trackers and support forums
Milton Milton  
Mozilla Lightning Browse bugs for Lightning File bugs for Lightning Lightning home page
Open-Xchange Open-Xchange  
Oracle Oracle Communicatons Calendar Server  
SchedJoules SchedJoules Reporting bugs Comments and Remarks
SmoothSync SmoothSync, CalDAV-Sync, CardDAV-Sync or CalConnect Members may also e-mail Marten directly
Zimbra Calendar Server Reporting CalDAV or iMIP bugs
  Contacts Server Reporting CardDAV bugs