Code Artifacts and Schemas

This page provides the necessary links to CalConnect Schemas and other code artifacts. Please be aware that these artifacts will be posted for availability while they may still be under development or periodically updated.

All CalConnect code artifacts and schema are licensed for public use under the Apache 2 License. Please see Copyright and Licensing for Published Material for more information about CalConnect licenses.


iCalendar in XML Schema

This schema set is intended to provide a full, accurate and extensible schema for iCalendar (RFC 5545) as embodied in xCal: iCalendar in XML (RFC 6321).

CalWS-SOAP Schema

This document provides links to the XML schemas and wsdl for the CalWS-SOAP service as defined in the specification CD1202 CalWS-SOAP SOAP Web Services Protocol for Calendaring V1.0. In addition this page provides a directory of references to the specification itself and related documents using Resource Directory Description Language.


Other Code Artifacts

None at present.