Member Services and Resources

This is a list of external services and resources used by CalConnect Technical Committees and other activities, and available to Member Representatives of CalConnect Members.  In all cases the Executive Director should be contacted to request access to the desired service or resource, either by establishing or authorizing a userid for an external service, or gaining access to the Document Repository.  See the bottom of this page for contact information.

Document Repository

As of August 2016, CalConnect has replaced our old OWL repository with a CalConnect area on BOX. No BOX logon will be required for CalConnect member representatives for read or download access only; however to gain access you will require the current URL and password for the CalConnect Document Repository area in Box. The URL and password are available from the Executive Director (e-mail below).

Google Docs

CalConnect used Etherpads for several years; they were a lightweight collaboration tool which allowed multiple people to collaborate in creating and editing a document interactively and synchronously. In 2017 however CalConnect switched to use Google Docs for a simillar purpose and we maintain a Google Docs aree.  You may request an invitation to the CalConnect Google Docs Facility by contacting the Executive Director.  Note that you must have a Google userid and be invited to join this facility to make use of it.


CalConnect uses Github for in-progress specifications, the development of our Developer's Guide, and other purposes. We do not host our own Github instance; rather we have a secure area (and a public area) of the regular Github. This link will take you to the CalConnect public area of Github. To have access to the private sections, you must have (or create) an id on Github and ask the Executive Director to give you access.


CalConnect uses Slack, a well-known collaboration tool, for chat support during Test Events and conferences, among other purposes. You may request an invitation to the CalConnect Slack community by contacting the Executive Director.

Other Links

These are largely folders in the CalConnect Document Repository.  You will need the access credentials as noted above.  Below, the desired folder is identified but a direct link will not work; instead enter using the credentials obtained from the Executive Director and navigate to the desired folders and contents. 

  • Member Directories folder - Member representatives for each member of CalConnect, with contact information.
  • Admininistrative Documents folder - Current versions of all admnistrative documents
  • Internal-Only Interop Reports 2005-2010  filder  - Internal reports from Interoperability Test Events (discontinued in 2011 in favor of preserving the TC-IOPTEST-TESTING-NOTES etherpad used for recording testing resuls and problems during Interoperability Test Events)
  • CalConnect Logos  - The CalConnect Logo in gif and jpg formats for use by Members
  • Board of Directors folder - Articles of Incorporations, Minutes of Board meetings, and a briefing about the CalConnect Board of Directors
  • Annual Reports folder - Annual Reports from the Executive Director
  • Old List Archives - Archives of Mailman Discussion Lists up to November 2016.  You must obtain login creditials from the Executive Director to access these archives.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the Executive Director at or call +1 707-840-9391 for assistance.