Conduct of Observers at CalConnect Interoperability Test Events

Both Consortium members and non-members may attend a single CalConenct Interoperability Test Event and Developers Forum as observers. Unlike observers at Conferences, however, observers at Test Events cannot participate in the actual testing and should remember that they are at the event as observers.  Observers at Test Events may fully participate in the discussions during the Developers Forum.

Observers may not participate in any testing function. They will not communicate withtest participants during the event unless specifically approached by the participants, or by the  test manager. During breaks, communication is open to both participants and observers.

Observers shall not use or view any participant equipment, software, scripts, or other materials or media, unless granted permission by the owner participants.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure is an important issue that must be taken seriously by all participants and observers. In particular all information generated and shared in the course of an test event must remain confidential except where explicitly revealed in the post-event public report generated by the Test Event Manager. The specifics of this are set out in the CalConnect Interoperability Test Event Confidentiality Agreement.