Membership Categories and Fees

Revised 24 November 2020

The membership fee varies by the type of organization applying for membership. Membership fees are due annually upon the organization's anniversary of joining CalConnect. (An organization joins CalConnect upon our receipt and acceptance of its membership application, generally within 1-2 days of application submittal.)

All new members receive a 50% discount on their first year's membership dues, and a 50% discount on all event fees during their first membership year.

Type of Organization Annual Dues
Commercial Vendor > $100M Revenue $10,000
Commercial Vendor $10M - $100M Revenue $7,500
Commercial Vendor $5M - $10M Revenue $5,000
Organizational Member $3,000
Small Organizational Member < $250K revenue $1,000
Individual1 $500
Supporting Member2 1/5 regular membership
1An individual member may only represent their interests or views, and may not participate or act on the behalf of any other person or organization, regardless of their affiliation or employment status
2A supporting member (formerly dormant member) pays 1/5 the regular membership dues for its category and cannot actively participate in CalConnect activities but remains on the notification and mailing lists