IOPTEST Technical Committee

Reviewed October 2013



Plan for and manage CalConnect Interoperability Test Events and related testing efforts sponsored by the Consortium, collect and report on testing results as appropriate.


  • Organize each test event
  • Contact the technical committees and potential testing organizations to identify what needs to be tested at the event
  • Coordinate and develop test cases and plans as necessary
  • Ensure the test event logistics and scenarios web page and wiki documentation for each event is up to date
  • Coordinate and manage the test event itself
  • Collect information from testers for subsequent reporting
  • Maintain a wiki log of problems and resolutions for internal CalConnect member use
  • Provide a public summary of the test event for the CalConnect Minutes newsletter following the event

Begin and End Dates

TC IOPTEST is ongoing.

Milestones and Work Products

  Prior to each IOP test event Plan CalConnect Interoperability Test Event
Produce/publish required materials
  During IOP test event Conduct IOP test vent
  Following IOP test event Produce and coordinate wiki updates and CalConnect Minutes public report


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Mike Douglass, Spherical Cow Group:

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