CalConnect Virtual Conference 2021

CalConnect Virtual Conference 2021

CalConnect Virtual Conference April 12-16 2021
Monday, April 12, 2021 to Friday, April 16, 2021
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Recent Changes: 

06 Nov 2020 - Initial post.

17 Feb 2021 - Initial schedule and agenda posted.

31 Mar 2021 - Thursday JMAP session will be joint working group call with IETF WGs

01 Apr 2021 - Start Time on Monday 12 April adjusted to 1100 Eastern

06 Apr 2021 - Conference Calendar .ics entries provided

09 Apr 2021 - Thursday sessions content updates


14 Apr 2021 - corrected schedule reference to UTC offset for daylight time, removed Friday reference from schedule


The CalConnect Virtual Conference 2021 will be held via Zoom the week of April 12-16, 2021.  Our goal is to present a set of compelling sessions on issues CalConnect members are currently facing and possibly working on. 

The conference will be conducted on the North America Eastern time zone (UTC-5) and will take place Monday through Wednesday from 11:00 to 14:00 EST.  Thursday and possibly Friday, which  will have sessions at times convenient for our Far East and Australia colleages presenting the sessions, will be from 01:00 to 04:00 EST (this schedule may be adjusted as needed). 

The conference will be organized by day with each day having a list of sessions and session topics.  At this time we are not going to assign a specific time for each session within the 3-hour period, however we expect that most sessions will be no more than an hour including a question or discussion period and a short break.  Insofar as possible sessions will be scheduled to begin on the top of the hour.  All sessions will be recorded and available after the fact to registrants who were unable to be on a specific session. 

We also plan to offer interoperability testing during or adjacent to the Virtual Conference.  More details on this will be available when people register.

The Virtual Conferences will be open to members and non-members.  You must register in advance and pay the registration fee for the conference prior to Monday April 12 2021.  Please register for the conference at

Registration for the Virtual Conference is $50 U.S. per person. 

Registration Information 

Registration is open through Sunday April 11 2021; please see to register.  See the registration pages linked above for more information. Registrants will be sent the access information prior to the Virtual Conference.


Via Zoom.  URL and access credentials will be provided to all registered attendees before the Virtual Conference. 

Test Event Schedule 

To be announced.

Conference Schedule 


This schedule will be updated as new information and new sessions are added.   Please check periodically for changes and additions. 

All times shown are Eastern North America UTC-4 (daylight saving time)

Monday 12 April 2021
1100-1130 Intros and Familiarization
- Quick discussion on Zoom and tools
- Introductions and welcome to newcomers
 1130-1200 Conference Welcome and Plenary
- TC Status
- Report from Board, next steps
- Plans for Autumn 2021 and beyond
1200-1300 Implementing JSCalendar HIGHLIGHT SESSION
- Report on implementing JSCalendar in Bedework and Fastmail
1300-1400 Testing and Certification Discussion
- CalDAV Tester improvements and client support
- Automated testing of calendar clients
-CalConnect Certification discussion: should CalConnect offer certification of calendar servers or clients?
1400-1430 Interoperability Testing opportunity / Chat Time
Tuesday 13 April 2021
1045-1100 Chat Time
1100-1200 DMARC and iMIP Constraints and Incompatibilities HIGHLIGHT SESSION
There are known issues with iMip and DMARC. For example, forwarding of invitations and sending on behalf of another user. We will outline the problems and possibly suggest solutions.
1200-1300 Date and Time Representations
- Non-Gregorian Calendar Systems
- What to expect from calendar systems?
- Standard representation of dates
- What is already there (RSCALE)?
- A new implementation of RSCALE in Java
1300-1315 TC-CALENDAR Review
Review of ongoing work; status of current draft specifications
1315-1400 Calendar Privacy and Encrypted CalDAV
Many calendar services require storing the data on servers with full access by the provider. Are there approaches we can take to enhance privacy?  The ISO Privacy work is focused on consumer rights. This discussion wlil focus on the protocols and implementation.
1400-1430 Chat Time
Wednesday 14 April 2021
1045-1100 Chat Time
1100-1200 Calendaring, Public Events and Higher Education HIGHLIGHT SESSION
A discussion on the calendar issues facing higher ed institutions. These include resource management and event publication.
1200-1300 Overview of the Calendar Client Landscape and the Future of Calendaring
Discussion and brainstorming
1300-1400 Calendar Migration and Data Portability
Presentation and discussion
1400-1430 CalConnect Calendar Develoopers' Guide
Introdoctuion to the DEVGUIDE, latest changes and next steps
1430-1500 Chat Time
Thursday 15 April 2021
Presentations and discussion
0200-0300 TC-DATETIME and ISO/TC 154 WG 5
Presentations and discussion
0300-0430 JMAP and JSCalendar/JSContacts Joint Session with IETF CALEXT and JMAP WGs
Joint public working group call with IETF CALEXT and JMAP workin groups