CalConnect Nottingham 2021

Nottingham, U.K.
CalConnect Nottingham 2021, October 18-22 2021, Hosted By Cronofy
Recent Changes: 

23-Oct-2020 Conference rescheduled to October 18-22 2021 due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

20-Jul-2020 Conference rescheduled to April 19-23 2021 due to COVID-19.  Full conference Monday-Thursday April 19-22, optional working sessions Friday April 23.

14-Apr-2020 Conference rescheduled to October 12-16 due to COVID-19. Full conference Monday-Thursday October 12-15; optional working sessions Friday October 16.

03-Mar-2020 Schedule adjusted:  optional working/testing session on Monday 15 June; full conference Tuesday-Friday June 16-19.

28-Feb-2020 Conference rescheduled to June 15-19 due to COVID-19.

06-Feb- 2020 Initial Schedule and Sessions added.

19 Dec-2019 logistics and registration information added.

13-Jun-2019 Dates of event changed to April 20-24 2020.  Now CalConnect XLVII.

Update on COVID-19 (coronavirus) 23 October 2020:

CalConnect  Nottingham 2021 has been rescheduled again and is now planned for October 18-22, 2021.     All other arrangements (host, venue, conference hotel) remain unchanged.  The Board has reached this decision after reviewing the current status of COVID-19, as available from the WHO and CDC.


CalConnect Nottingham 2021, our 47th conference, will be held in Nottingham, United Kingdom, the week of October 18-22, 2021, hosted by Cronofy

The regular conference will be Monday-Thursday October 18-21 2021.  After the conference, we will have an optional open format working/testing day on Friday October 22 possibly at a different location to be announced.

The conference will be at the event venue (Antenna) a co-working space close to the center of town. 

CalConnect Conferences are open to members, and to non-members as observers.  You must register in advance and pay the registration fee for the conference. Please register for the conference at

We will ask all registrants if they want to attend the open format working day on Friday April 23 to plan for the space, as it may be limited.

Interoperability Testing at CalConnect:  We will contact all those who register for the conference as to their testing interests. 


International Visitors 

At this time (July 2020) citizens of the United States, European Union nations, and most Commonwealth nations do not require a visa to visit the United Kingdom. If you are unsure, the following link provides detailed information for visitors to the United Kingdom:

We do not yet know what effect BREXIT or the pandemic will have on travel to and from the U.K. by October 2021. ir travel to and from the U.K. is currentlyrestricted or unavailable from many destinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will update this entry as more information becomes unavailable, but do not expect to have solid planning information for some time. 


Conference Details 

We will begin each day at 0830  with coffee and tea..  The first session will be at 0900. The default end for each day is  1730.

Morning coffee and tea will be accompanied by fruit or rolls; however, you should plan to have your real breakfast earlier if you wish a more substantial repast.

Dress for all CalConnect events is casual to business casual.

Registration Information 

Registration opened in early January for the conference; please see to register.  The regular registration fee is $950 US for CalConnect member representatives and for observers. There is only one registration and one payment per person for the entire event.  See the registration pages linked above for more information including late registrations and one-day registration information.


CalConnect Nottingham 2021 will be held at the Antenna Media Centre, 9A Beck Street, Nottingham NG1 1EQ, +44 (0)115 993 2350.  Signs to the meeting room will be posted at the entrance.  Here is a map to the city centre showing the locations of the venue and suggested hotels:  Nottingham Map.


Airport Information: The most convenient airport to Nottingham is East Midlands Airport, which serves a number of European and U.K. destinations, and is relatively close to Nottingham with good public transportation.   

For those arriving from more distant locations, you would probably fly into either London Heathrow or London Gatwick, transfer to the St. Pancreas International (STP) train station, and take the train to Nottingham (NOT).  A less convenient alternative would be Birrmingham or Manchester Airports; however transfer to Nottingham might take as long as from London. 

Ground Transportation:

Rental Cars and Taxis: All airports have rental car facilities and taxis available.

Train:  If you are buying train tickets online (, please select Nottingham (NOT) as the destination.

From London Gatwick: Take the First Capitol Connect train (NOT the Gatwick Express!) to London St. Pancreas (STP) and transfer to the East Midlands Railways train to Nottingham (NOT) (on the upper concourse).

From London Heathrow: Take the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, transfer to St. Pancras Station by taxi or Underground, and take the train north to Nottingham.  The Heathrow Express is $35 single/$55 return; the trains run every 15 minutes and the trip takes about 15 minutes.  Book tickets online  Alternatively you can take the Underground from Heathrow to St. Pancras station; it will cost less than the Heathrow Express, but take considerably longer.

Eurostar:  If you are coming into London via Eurostar, you will arrive at London St Pancras International. Please see details above.

From London St. Pancras Station (STP) to Nottingham (NOT):  Trains from St. Pancras run very regularly and journey times are aproximately two hours.  A one way ticket is about $35.  The direct service is operated by East Midlands Railways (upper concourse).  First Calpitol Connect runs to Bedford but then requires a transfer to East Midlands for the remainder of the trip to Nottingham. 

Within Nottingham:  It is approximately a 15 minute walk from the Nottingham Train Station to the venue.  Taxis are available at the station at a cost of approxiamtely $10.


The conference hotel is the ibis Nottingham Centre, 16 Fletcher gate, Nottingham NG1 2FS United Kingdom Tel: +441159853600, Fax: (+44)115/9853610, There is no corporate rate, so book directly with the hotel via the webite.  This hotel offers breakfast (extra) but does not have a regular restaurant. 

One alternative is the Nottingham Hilton, Milton Street, Nottingham, NG1 3PZ, United Kingdom TEL: +44-115-934-9700 FAX: +44-115-934-9711 which is a bit closer to the venue (but further from the train station).  There is no corporate rate, so book directly with the hotel via the website.

There are a variety of other hotels iin the same area.


Conference Schedule 


Please notify us if you have any requests or recommendations for schedule additions or for schedule rearrangements to allow you to attend specific sessions.   If you are a CalConnect Member Representative please consider joining our Event Planning calls on alternate Tuesdays -- the CalConnect mailing list is notified the day before of the call and the information to join. 

This schedule will be updated as new information and new sessions are added.   Please check periodically for changes and additions.  The event calendar will be activated closer to the event. 

Monday 19 Octoberl 2021
0830-0900 Coffee and Tea
 0900-0930 Conference Opening
Welcome, logistics, introductions, review of schedule
0930-1000 Reports on CalConnect Activities
TC activities, liaison activities, report from the Board
1000-1030 New and Non-Member Presentations
Short introductions to new and non-members attending
1030-1100 Break and Refreshments
1100-1230 Introductory Tutorials on C&S Standards and Specifications
Optional - if we have requests for specific tutorials.
1100-1230 Working Sessions and Testing
CalDAV Tester, Certification, DEVGUIDE, Joint Testing, BOF suggestions.
1130-1230 Introduction to CalConnect Q&A (if needed)
An optional session for first-time attendees. The genesis of CalConnect, a brief history, how CalConnect works, followed by questions.
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 Host Session - Cronofy
1430-1530 CalConnect Specifications at the IETF
Review of CalConnect drafts at the IETF and current status. Prep for Joint Working Group session with IETF CALEXT on Tuesday afternoon.
1530-1600 Break and refreshments
1600-1630 Update on Privacy by Design and ISO/PC 317
This specification may have as much impact on development and design as GDPR. This session will bring us up to date on the work status of the ISO PC. the recent meeting and work status of the ISO PC. We will review our response to ISO.
1630-1700 Time Zone Workshop and European Time Zone Initiative
Status of EU Proposal to eliminate summer time; next steps for CalConnect.
1700-1730 Overflow or BOFS
1800-2000 Welcome Reception TBD
Tuesday 19 October 2021
0830-0900 Coffee and Tea
0900-1000 Caching of CalDAV/CardDAV responses
Discussion of proper/recommended response "freshness" and Cache-Control directives.
1000-1030 TC-DEVGUIDE
Latest updates; share your knowledge.
1030-1100 Break and Refreshments
1100-1200 TC-CLIENT
Introduction to TC-CLIENT; overview of direction and current work items; discussion.
1200-1230 Introduction: Defining the subset of CalDAV that's actually used by Clients
Some features in the specification are not widely implemented or used. Should we define a minimum usable profile?
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1415 Introduction: TC-CERTIFY
Should CalConnect offer certification of specifications such as CalDAV and CardDAV, possible JSxxx and JMAPxxx? Integration of TC-TESTER into TC-CERTIFY.
1415-1530 JMAP Protocols
Introduction and concepts. JMAP is the basis for the new calendar and contact protocols. This will provide a grounding for later sessions.
1530-1600 Break and refreshments
1600-1730 Joint public working group virtual meeting with the IETF CALEXT Working Group
This will be a virtual session with CALEXT WG participants and will be conducted as an IETF virtual WG meeting with public participation. Public documents (e.g. at the IETF or in our public github) will be discussed, as will privacy issues relating to calendar issues. The rules of discussion will be announced at the beginning of the session. An agenda will be published in advance and minutes will be available.
Wednesday 20 October 2021
0830-0900 Coffee and Tea
0900-1030 Joint Working Group Meeting with ISO/TC 154 WG 5
Reference time scales, timezones and representation of date and time. Preparation for ISO/TC 154 Plenary.
1030-1100 Break and refreshments
1100-1145 JMAP Calendar
Review and discussion of the JSCalendar data format and extending the JMAP protocol for calendar access and scheduling.
1145-1230 JMAP Contacts
Review and discussion of the JSContacts data format and extending the JMAP protocol for access to contacts.
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1430 Testing and certification in the future
How will we test JMAP? What can we derive from current tests? Revision of CalDAV Tester and tests to support certification.
Status of existing specifications, next steps, additional involvement
1530-1600 Break and Refreshments
1600-1630 CalConnect Standards Activities and Liaisons
Update on CalConnect standards activities and liaisons with external SDOs.
1630-1715 ISO Date/Time work as CalConnect standards
ISO 8601-1 and -2, vocabulary, time zones. Value of publication as CalConnect standards and way forward.
1715-1730 CalConnect Co-Host Autumn 2020 ISO/TC 154 Plenary in Southern California
1915-2130 Conference Dinner TBD
Thursday 21 October 2021
0830-0900 Coffee and Tea
0900-0930 Review and update of Current Work pages
This page needs updating to conform to actual current work efforts
0930-1030 TC-VCARD, ISO/TC 211, and ISO 19160
Status of ongoing work, structured name Interchange, digital addressing registry.
1030-1100 Break and Refreshments
1100-1130 Integrating liaison activities into CalConnect
Open discussion.
1130-1200 VPOLL specification updates
Latest revisions and current state.
1200-1230 VPOLL and JSCalendar
Implementing VPOLL in JSCalendar, iTIP/iMIP, JMAP Calendar.
1230-1330 Lunch
1330-1530 Overflow, BOFS, Working Session
1530-1600 Break and refreshments
1600-1645 TBD
1645-1700 Technical Committee Directions for period to CalConnect XLVIII
1700-1730 CalConnect Plenary Session
Administrative business, coming events, consensus agreements on decisions reached during the week, open floor.
1730 Close of CalConnect XLVII
Friday  22 October 2021
0900-1300 Planned Working Sessions Working sessions for conference participants.  Please notify us in advance if you plan to stay for Friday.



Please see the Reading List for the Conference at