CalConnect Time Zone Discussion List

Created 18 October 2018

CalConnect has implemented this public discussion list,  intended for discussion on timezones, especially in calendaring and scheduling. A particular focus is on exchanging issues, challenges, and best practices related to timezone changes. The intended audience for this list is hence not only technical, but also involves decision makers involved in the political process of changing timezones.

The Charter and Rules of Use for this list are given below. We invite all interested parties to subscribe to this list and make use of it.

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The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium Time Zone Discussion List was implemented to create a space for collecting and discussing issues related to the role of timezones in information systems and electronic devices.

A particular concern are timezone changes (such as changing daylight saving time rules), as decided by governments around the world, and their timely and seamless propagation into information systems. The list should allow technical and political practitioners to discuss challenges and issues in order to jointly agree upon best practices for the usage and update of timezone information.

Mailing lists for particular technical aspects of timezones, such as the IANA Time Zone Database  ( or the Time Zone Data Distribution Service ( do exist. Complementary to those lists however, we aim to offer a space for discussing timezone issues and best practices from a perspective that is not bound to particular systems or standards.

CalConnect itself offers two related public mailing lists - one for system adminstrators of systems with calendering functionality ( and one for
discussion among calendar developers (

This list is open to any and all participants that agree to the rules of use, whether or not they represent CalConnect members.

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By subscribing to this list and by posting to this list you accept and agree to abide by the above Charter and Rules of Use.