General Information on Conference Fees and Registration

Current as of February 2019

The registration fee covers morning coffee, lunch and breaks for the four days of the Conference, plus the reception the first night and the group dinner the evening before the last day (i.e. Wednesday or Thursday)..  Rolls and pastries or fruit may also be offered with morning coffee and tea. 

A tiered registration fee consisting of an early fee and a latecomer fee is established. The purpose of the tiered fee is to encourage early registration for the conference so CalConnect and the host can determine counts and costs. The current Conference Registration Fee is $950 for early registration and $1050 for late registration.  A One Day Registration is also offered; the current fee is $400 for early registration and $475 for latecomers.  ("Early" means prior to two weeks before the event.)

Registration will be opened for each Conference as early as possible, and no less than six weeks prior to the event.