Welcome to CalConnect

This blog is for and about CalConnect – The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium – and occasional other posts related to the quest for interoperable calendaring and scheduling.

I’m Dave Thewlis, the Executive Director of CalConnect.  I hope to use this blog to keep interested folks apprised of what’s going on with CalConnect in a timely fashion, and so it will be prone to “announcements”.   But I’ll try to keep it from being too dry and uninteresting.

For those who aren’t familiar with CalConnect, it is a very collegial partnership between vendors, implementers, and customers of calendaring and scheduling systems.

Our purpose is to promote interoperable calendaring and scheduling.  Our vision for the future is not just interoperable calendaring, but ubiquitous interoperable calendaring:  Calendaring can be, and should be, as available, easy to use, and ubiquitous as electronic mail.