October 2016

CalConnect Announces VCARD Technical Committee

A new Technical Committee, VCARD, has been formed to extend the VCARD standards.  VCARD today essentially supports only North American and Western Europe address formats; the goal of the VCARD Technical Committee is to support address formats for the rest of the world, and offer new capabilities and exchange methods.  The committee will also consider security aspects as related to VCARD data and the exchange of VCARDs. 


CalConnect Announces TESTER Technical Committee

A new Technical Committee, TC TESTER, has been formed to improve testing tools  for CalDAV and CardDAV.  The TC is building on the CalDAV Tester from the Apple Darwin site, making it less vendor-specific and defining smaller sets of tests to target specific features, provide a quick regression test, or allow exclusion or inclusion of individual tests. New tests can then be developed in parallel with the creation or extension of standards.  A  long term possibility could be to evolve the new tools into a reference client for CalDAV and CardDAV servers.

CalDAV and CardDAV Protocol/Implementations Websites Superceded

For some time CalConnect has supported two protocol and implementation oriented sites, caldav.calconnect.org and carddav.calconnect.org.  These sites provides some information about the protocols themselves but their primary purpose has been to list implementations of the protocols (client, server, libraries, services).   As the non-implementation sections of these sites duplicate information available elswehere, CalConnect has migrated the implementations information to the CalDAV and CardDAV sections of

From Our President: CalConnect XXXVII in Dresden

In beautiful late summer weather dmfs hosted CalConnect XXXVII at Schloss Eckberg, one of three castles built about 160 years ago at the border of the Elbe River in Dresden. I always look forward to meeting my fellow Calendaring and Scheduling companions from around the world. In this case: 23 people from 14 companies, 11 countries and 4 continents. Server/client vendors, student, tech-giants, SME's and 3 first time attendees... a truly diverse turn up.