July 2010

Invitation to participate in the next Mobile Calendaring Interoperability Test Event

RECENT UPDATE as of 7 September 2010: Based on the responses we received, the Mobile Calendaring Interoperability Test Event will not be held in October, but at the following CalConnect event, which will be February 7-11 2011 at the University of California at Berkeley. Thanks to all who responded.

CalConnect Minutes from Roundtable XVIII

CalConnect Minutes is the CalConnect newsletter published after each CalConnect Roundtable. Each edition contains information from the previous Roundtable and IOP Test Event plus articles and guest contributions. It is intended for CalConnect members and for others interested in CalConnect and in calendaring and scheduling.

The current edition of CalConnect Minutes is available at CalConnect Minutes Roundtable XVIII.

May 2010 CalConnect Interoperability Test Event Report Published

The public report from the CalConnect Interoperability Test Event on May 24-26 2010 has been published. This test event included both a “regular” test event and a Mobile Calendaring test event focused on ActiveSync. The test event was hosted by Carnegie Mellon University in conjunction with Roundtable XVIII. Please see May 2010 CalConnect Interoperability Test Event Report.

LINK Property Proposal and Timezone Service and XML Specification Proposals Published

The EVENTPUB Technical Committee has published LINK Property Extension to iCalendar, and the proposal has been submitted to the IETF as an Internet Draft. Please see LINK Property Extension to iCalendar. This proposal introduces a new iCalendar property LINK to provide ancillary information for iCalendar components.