CalConnect is now listed as an official international standards body by the WTO

I am very pleased to announce that CalConnect is now officially listed as an international standards body by the World Trade Organization:  The document describing our alignment with WTO principles may be found here:

CalConnect now has active liaisons with several international organizations including 10 liaisons with ISO committees:  ISO/TC 37, ISO TC/46, ISO TC 154, ISO/TC 211, ISO/PC 317 and ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27.  We are participating in the work program of most of of these in particular in areas such as date/time formats, time zone management, structured name and address standards, and privacy by design.

For a full list of CalConnect liaisons and involvement, please see

On behalf of CalConnect I would like to thank Ronald Tse of Ribose, our Director of External Relations, for supporting and driving our standards program, together with everyone who is representing CalConnect in standards activities.

Dave Thewlis, Executive Director
CalConnect - The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium