General Information

Topical Agendas for Technical Committees at Roundtable XV

The Topical Agendas for the Technical Committee sessions at the upcoming Roundtable XV have been published and are on the logistics page for CalConnect XV at Topical Agendas. An agenda is also provided for the Shared Calendar Workshop on Wednesday afternoon. The workshop is intended to start addressing how shared, public, and group calendars are being implemented and how to provide for them in the standards, to avoid calendaring clients having to have separate implementations for each provider.  

Member News Announcements

The CalConnect Blog will be publishing short announcements from our members about significant news and events in the calendaring space. This may include but will not be limited to product announcements, and the intent is to try and provide a useful feed for calendaring-related information to interested parties. These posts will consist of short summaries and links to actual documents, press releases, blogs, and so forth.  

Welcome to CalConnect

This blog is for and about CalConnect – The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium – and occasional other posts related to the quest for interoperable calendaring and scheduling.

I’m Dave Thewlis, the Executive Director of CalConnect.  I hope to use this blog to keep interested folks apprised of what’s going on with CalConnect in a timely fashion, and so it will be prone to “announcements”.   But I’ll try to keep it from being too dry and uninteresting.